Wardrobe Wednesday–Bright and Colorful!

Normally I suggest to my clients that for family photo sessions, the wardrobe should revolve around the kiddos. I usually pick out one outfit (normally the little girl’s) that brings together everyone else’s attire. This week is a little different though because I decided to pick a wardrobe for a maternity shoot. Of course, this revolves around the mom, so everything I picked out was made to go with the her outfit. The great thing about this plaid shirt is that there are so many colors to choose from for the kiddos and the dad to match, and just like last week’s suggestion, you still have a great wardrobe even if you only have the dad (or boy or girl) and mom in the picture.

The moral of the story? COLOR! Color is good for your photos. It brings life to your images and gives them personality! I am in no way putting down white…or black. They have their place in portraits and sometimes, they are absolutely welcome. But try to BREAK AWAY from the matching white, khaki and black look and try some color! You might like it!

You can find this great combination at the places listed below!


Blue Shirt: Old Navy, $20

Yellow Shirt: Old Navy, $8.50

Shorts: Old Navy, $19.50

Shoes: Kohls, $29.99


Shirt: Motherhood Maternity, $24.98

Pants: Kohls, $26.40

Shoes: Payless, $19.99

Earrings: Kohls, $8.04


Dress: Target, $14.99

Shoes: Target, $14.99

Headband: Etsy, $5.50


Shirt: Children’s Place, $12.50

Shorts: Children’s Place, $10.00

Shoes: Kohls, $21.99

I hope these posts are beneficial to those of you struggling to put together a “look” for your photo session! As always, please feel free to contact me if you’re looking for any suggestions. :)


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