Wardrobe Wednesday {Guest Contributer: Family Sessions}

This week’s picks are from a guest contributer, Jennifer Sebby of Mountain Pony Photography. Thanks Jennifer! She says the following about her choices:

As a guest contributer this week I decided to put together some outfits that would work for a family session, but that could also be paired up to use in a sibling shoot, as a couple, or any other combinations as well. I started with the necklace which is not the normal place for me to start, but when you find a piece you love this just goes to show you can start anywhere. The colors in the necklace are beautiful and give a lot of a range for the other pieces. For shooting just the couple take out the necklace for more of a focus on the couple and the muted colors in a few shots as well. When the whole family is together the necklace is not the center because of the colors in the girls dress. For the men I stayed very casual for ease and versatility. Thank you to all the amazing photographers who are main contributers to Wardrobe Wednesday for allowing me to put something together this week.

Woman’s Outfit:
Flutter Tank: New York & Co. $18.86
Linen Pants: New York & Co. $18.86
Sterling Wing Cuff: Etsy.com $38.00

Shoes: DSW $49.95

Man’s Outfit:
Dark Blue Polo: Old Navy $15.00
Brown Cargo Pants: Old Navy $29.50
Men’s Slip Ons: DSW $39.95

Navy blue sparkle sequin blossom clip: Etsy.com $58.00
Crochet-back dress: Gap Kids $32.50
Jewel Sandal: Payless $19.99

Blue Polo: 77 Kids $16.50
Plaid Cargo Shorts: 77 Kids $29.50
Canvas Slip Ons: Payless $14.99

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