Wardrobe Wednesday What to Wear {Boudoir}

Wow…is it Wednesday already?!?! These weeks just FLY by! With SJD Photography making some changes, and keeping busy with my regular sessions, the days are gone within minutes it seems! Did you know that Wardrobe Wednesday Wednesday {where fashion meets photography} has yet to feature boudoir?!?! Well now we can cross that one off the list! I’ll let the FABULOUS Kelly of Kelly V. Photography and Black Lack Images tell and show you how to make the best of your boudoir portraits!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I know lots of girlfriends, fiances and wives are looking for a unique and creative gift to give to their guy.

Enter the boudoir portrait session.

If you’re not familiar with this type of session, boudoir is French for “woman’s bedroom.” Add in the photography element, and it’s almost a literal translation — tastefully intimate images of women looking their sexy, sensual best. It’s not about being a size 2 or having a perfect body, ether. In fact, it’s about celebrating you, pampering yourself and giving your guy an amazing gift in the process.

In addition to Valentine’s Day, these sessions are popular for anniversaries, birthdays and especially for brides to give to their husbands on their wedding night. Some women want to capture their pre-baby body or get together with a group of friends and each book a session as an incentive to keep up wth their combined workout regimen.

Whether it’s a gift or a reward for you, the great thing about these sessions is that you can really go all out. Get your hair and makeup professionally done, splurge on a manicure and even pick up a few new pieces of lingerie to wear.

As far as what to bring, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Dig through that closet of yours (and his, too)! Grab that all-lace shirt you usually wear under your go-to cardigan. Your favorite jeans can look amazing with a bare back. Don’t overlook everyday cotton underwear, either. It can be extraordinary in the right setting. Nab one of his favorite team jerseys or a colorful tie and a white button-down shirt. And this is one type of session where it’s all about the accessories. Think chandelier earrings, long beaded necklaces, high heels, shimmery bracelets, thigh-highs and even elbow-length gloves if you’re into the vintage look.

The best part is that each outfit can be completely different from the next. Not only does it give a variety to your photographs, but it’s fun creating images that match the feel of each look whether it’s soft and sensual or daring and bold.

One more important bit of advice: Be sure to wear something comfortable and loose-fitting to your session. Jeans and even tight socks can leave marks on your skin that take awhile to fade.

If you’re considering booking a session like this, here are a few inspiration looks to get you started!

Girl Next Door
Lace-waist hiphugger, Victoria’s Secret: $9.50
Full-coverage bra, Victoria’s Secret: $24.50

Sultry Satin
Xe-Antik earrings, Steve Madden: $18
Fantasha pumps, Steve Madden: $99.95
Miraculous Multi-way Bra, Victoria’s Secret: $55
Lace-trim panties, Victoria’s Secret: $12.50
Black satin elbow-length gloves, Unique Vintage: $12

Fun and Flirty
Havanna Nights dot corset, Jessica Simpson Collection: $29.99 (was $65)
Havanna Nights dot garter, Jessica Simpson Collection: $14.99 (was $30)
Havanna Nights dot thong, Jessica Simpson Collection: $7.99 (was $16)
(Black thigh-highs and heels can be found at all major department stores)

Vintage Vixen
Creme Brulee Bra, Anthropologie: $62
Creme Brulee Panties, Anthropologie: $42
First Glow Peep-toes, Anthropologie: $188
Blooming Luster Posts, Anthropologie: $24

HOT! I LOVE these ideas. A few of you have asked if I offer boudoir. I plan to offer it in the future so stay tuned for information!

until next time…


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