Wardrobe Wednesday {build on your basics}

This week’s Wardrobe Wednesday {where fashion meets photography} post is SO up my alley! I like things that are simple. Morgan Dawson, of Morgan Dawson Photography has done just that this week! She’s put together some looks that build on basics that you may already own!

Morgan says:
I admit it – I have a uniform that I wear almost every day.

{Dark jeans and white tank} + {X over tank} = {my outfit}

If it sounds lazy – and some days, maybe it is! – remember that people like Bobby Brown and Vera Wang also have “uniforms” (have you EVER seen them wearing something other than black?). The trick to keeping this highly functional outfit fresh is to change up the {X}. For example, I can throw on a cozy sweater in the morning to wear while I edit with my coffee, swap the sweater for a white cardigan and fun necklace when I head out for a shoot, then make one more change into a fitted jacket and a pair of hoop earrings before meeting friends for a drink.

How easy is that – three totally different looks by changing out one piece of clothing and a few accessories!

Will this idea work for your next photo shoot? Absolutely! Rather than spend money on separate head-to-toe outfits, you can either save some dough by only picking up a few new pieces, or splurge a little on one or two killer tops. The other reason I love the idea of wearing a uniform to your shoot is how easy it is to change your look. You can bring along a small bag and make a quick change without having to look for a bathroom or car to change in. Not only will this get you more looks for your shoot, but your photographer will love knowing that the location for your session doesn’t need to revolve around a nearby spot to change.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, I put together a few different outfit ideas that will look great over your jeans and tank. But let’s make sure we have the basics set first.

The white staple tank shown below is my all-time favorite, can’t-live-without-it, should-have-bought-a-few-more top. No lie. I actually bought one for my Mother as part of her Oprah’s, er, Morgan’s Favorite Things Christmas gift (which included a pair of pants from Lands End that I wear all the time – message me if you’re curious). While a white tank is something you can pick up anywhere, I love this because:

the material is thin enough to layer and not get warm, but thick enough to not be see-through
wide shoulder straps mean your bra straps won’t show (a no-no for any picture)
you can wear this multiple times without it stretching out (great for travel!)
wash after wash it still looks great

Ok – enough about the tank!

Jeans. Everyone has them, but just make sure what you’re wearing actually fits you. If they’re too tight or sag in the butt (you know what I’m talking about), you really should invest in a new pair. I secretly hate shopping on my own, so I like to go to a store where the salespeople will be brutally honest and not let me leave with a pair that looks bad. With SO many options – low rise, mid rise, skinny, bootleg, curvy – you can definitely find a pair that fits you. And for color, a darker wash always looks good, and can transition easily to an evening pant.

Since the majority of your outfit is set, have fun with your {X} top. Be bold with colors and patterns. Wear some sweaters or tops buttoned up (maybe with a belt) or open and layered. Mix in fun jewelry and accessories like a scarf or hat (I’m obsessed with newsboy caps lately) – and voila! Picture perfect outfits in a snap :-)


I recently asked our amazing Wardrobe Wednesday Facebook fans to tell us what clothing shop they love that many people don’t know about. Thanks to them, I now have even more online shops to drool over. You’ll see that I picked out a few items from these new-to-me stores. If you’re not familiar with them, I highly suggest you check them out!

Ultra Soft Square Neck Tank – White House Black Market ($24.50)

Chic Merino Cardigan (yellow) – Boden ($88)

Fairy Dance Top – Anthropologie ($98)

Perfect-Fit Mixed-Tape Cardigan (blue) – J.Crew ($49.50)

Com-pleatly Contemporary Top – ModCloth ($54.99)

Navy Blue Striped Cardigan Ruffle Trimmed with Pockets - La Posh Style ($41.99)


Polka Dot Bangle – Down East Basics ($7.99)

A Flying Swallow and Branch Necklace -Etsy ($26.50)

Teardrop Earrings with Crystal Detail – Maurices ($10.00)

Now I want to SHOP! Build on those basics… you never know what you can pull together! Happy shopping for your next custom photo shoot!

Until next time…

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