Wardrobe Wednesday {Extended Family Sessions}

Recently on the main Wardrobe Wednesday page on Facebook, we asked our most awesome and appreciated fans what they’d like to see from us. There was a decent amount of feedback, so thank you fans! One common theme that kept appearing was highlighting a multi generational or extended family shoot. Those can be really hard to coordinate, trust me! I decided to go ahead and put something together since I’ve had a few extended family shoots over the years. One thing to keep in mind with these large groups, is to encourage them to step away from the “all white and khaki”, or “all black and jean” look. While that may have been the “trend” in years past, it’s really outdated and well, just boring. Large groups or extended families CAN wear color and it looks fabulous! The two following extended family samples show just how you can integrate color into large family shoots. One family coordinated whites/khakis and blues! Navy blue, bright blue, aqua and even some yellow! It looks great on the beach, don’t you think?


This family did such a fabulous job pulling together all kinds of “warm” hues for their shoot! I love how they integrated yellows, oranges, eggplant, browns and even a splash of red.


Here is another sample from Wardrobe Wednesday contributor, Morgan Dawson. I love how they used the little girl’s dress and pulled other colors form it to coordinate. This is something I tell a lot of my clients to do! I will explain more in a bit.



I hear you asking “But where do I start?”. As I mentioned before, I often tell my clients to start w/ a female in the family. With multi generational family shoots, there is bound to be at least one little girl. Little girl clothes can be so much fun and so colorful. Find your little girl a colorful dress. Then “pull” colors from the dress. For example, for this compilation, I was inspired by all of the corals I was seeing in stores and online. I found the girl’s dress in Family 2 and LOVED the color combo. Soon, I was able to coordinate several more outfits using creams, aqua, and other coral colors. Remember: you do NOT all have to MATCH exactly. There are often coordinating colors you can use. For example, nowhere in the original dress was there an olive color. BUT, coral and olive coordinate, so I chose an olive colored dress for the mom in Family 1. Because mom’s dress was all one color, I chose a necklace and sandals that would pop with color! Accessories can be so important in your custom photo shoot. A colorful hat, shoes, necklace or scarf can do so much for an image that would normally not have much color or character.
So there you have it. Multi generational family shoots don’t have to be boring! Use color, coordinate accent colors and accessories. Don’t be afraid to mix subtle patterns and textures. But most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with it! There aren’t many times in your life that you’ll be able to get everybody together for a custom photo shoot. And if you can’t afford to hire a custom photographer, consider these alternatives: set up a tripod and use a remote,set your self timer OR ask a neighbor or a person passing by. Seize the moment and capture your time together!!






Chicos Travelers Linen Linda Crop Pant-Winter Drift–$79.00

Chicos Pure Linen Lexie Shirt-Seville Orange–$47.40


Luxe Touch Textured Stripe Polo–Gaki Brown–$49.50

Banana Republic Cotton Summer Plaid Short–Grey–$54.50

Calvin Klein Deauville Suede Loafer–Classic Khaki–$79.50

MOM  [Family 1]

Banana Republic Gathered Column Dress-Glen Olive–$79.99

Chicos Malini Necklace–$68.00

Marcia Knot Flat Sandal–Orange Peel–$79.00

DAD [Family 1]

Banana Republic Short Sleeve Pocket Shirt-Teal–$54.50

Cotton/Linen Cargo Short–$54.50

Crocs Santa Cruz Hemp–$32.50

GIRL [Family 1]

Embroidered Shift Dress–$42.95

Jessica Simpson Valentina (Youth)-$40.00

BOY [Family 1]

Boys Cargo Pocket Polo-Cilantro Butter–$12.99

Old Navy Boys Plaid Cargo Shorts-Marshmallow White–$16.50

Reef Kid’s Slap (youth)–$16.50

DAD [Family 2]

Banana Republic Micro Check Short-Sleeve Shirt–Burnt Orange–$54.50

Gap Cargo Shorts-Chino Cedar–$39.95

Keen Rockaway Flip–Shitake–$50.00

GIRL-[Family 2]

Gap Paisley Floral Print Dress-Aqua Blue Sky–$29.95

Kenneth Cole Reaction Kids Starting Shine-Light Gold–$40.00

BABY GIRL [Family 2]

Gap Metallic Heart Print Jumper–$29.95

Pediped Penny–Gold–$21.50


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