Wardrobe Wednesday {nautical necessities}

I am just LOVING this post by Erica May Photography. I love navy, white and red for photos…especially in the summer!

“I have to admit I love summer and all the bright colors that go along with it! Summertime is great time to get outside with your family and have fun! Why not capture that sense of fun with a summer photo shoot? Maybe you have done fall sessions the last few years and your pictures are all starting to look the same, or maybe you want to get photos of your kids adorable bare feet, or maybe you just want to capture that summertime fun! Whatever the reason is, you need an awesome summer wardrobe to wear for your portraits. Nothing reminds me more of summer then a good nautical theme! You wouldn’t need to be near a beach to pull this look off either! The bright colors, stripes, and beautiful blues are sure to make for some fun and interesting portraits. When choosing this ensemble I chose the little girl’s dress first and then the boy’s outfit. Once you have the kid’s outfits picked out it is much easier to pull from those colors to pick outfits for mom and dad. I also decided to highlight a few fun props that might be fun to go along with it. Giving your family something to “do” for part of your photo shoot is always a great idea to capture those less posed moments that really let your kid’s personalities shine through! So get out there and have some fun with your family!”


Shopping List:


Girl’s Outfit:
Marina Drop-waist Dress   $49.00   Tea Collection
Salt-Water Original Sandals    $34.00  Tea Collection

Boy’s Outfit:
Striped half-zip hoodie     $24.95   The Gap
Convertible chambray pants   $26.95  The Gap
Red Bimini Youth Classics    $38   Toms

Mom’s Outfit:
Halter Maxi Bra Top Dress    $69.50    Victoria’s Secret

Dad’s Outfit:
Dobby shirt    $49.95   The Gap
Straight denim shorts (beige wash)   $54.95   The Gap


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