Wardrobe Wednesday {Summer Layer Love}

Think it’s too hot for layering? NOPE! Lindsay of Lindsay Horn Photography shows you how to be layer savvy, even in the heat.  Enjoy!

“Summer can be a great time to update your family portraits, get senior portraits out of the way, or schedule something for the kiddos while they are out of school.  Of course, just because the timing is great for you, does not mean the weather will cooperate, especially if you live somewhere with brutal summers like we have here in Texas.  I have photographed many a session in 100+ degree weather, and there are some important things to keep in mind, both from a practical and fashionable point of view!

Don’t Lose the Layers
I know, the last thing you want to think about when it’s really hot out is layering, but there’s no reason you can’t keep some great layers and add depth and texture to your images AND stay cool.  Women have some wonderful options available right now – pick up a light vest, sleeveless shawl or crochet cardigan and pair it with a cute lace cami for a very stylish and breathable look.  Guys of all ages can add a button-up (either short-sleeve or long-sleeve with rolled arms) over a light cotton shirt.  Girls can add a crop jacket or sweater over a sleeveless shirt or dress.  The great thing about layers is that you can take them off!  Just make sure your lower layers are photo-appropriate as well, and you can have two different outfits with ease.  A word of warning … summer weather can lead people to show more skin then they may really intend to.  Keep in mind that these images will hang in your house year-round, so make sure you are completely comfortable with your wardrobe choices and how much of you they will be revealing! Ladies, if you choose to go with something sleeveless or strappy, pay attention to your choice of bra.  Bra straps can be very tedious to remove, and it may be something that your photographer charges extra for.


Staving Off the Sweat
Sweat is inevitable during the hot summer months, and some people are more prone to it then others.  Keep in mind how your wardrobe will hold up to sweat.  Choose breathable undergarments for starters, every little bit counts!  Stay away from fabrics that will easily show sweat lines.  While denim may not be the most comfortable when it’s hot, it’s hard to see sweat spots on jeans!  Patterns may do a better job hiding sweat then solids, and medium-dark solids tend to show sweat the worst.  Lighter colors or very dark colors may be a better choice for you if you are prone to sweat.  You’ll see our “be prepared” list below, but having towels or blotter paper on hand to touch up as you go are a must.  Ladies, you also might plan on a second “up” hairstyle that you can switch to during the session if necessary.

Ditch the Footwear

Summer is the perfect opportunity to go barefoot for your pictures!  Shoes can be such a tough addition to your wardrobe, especially for the guys.  Going barefoot means no distracting (or unmatching) shoes or worrying about dirty soles when you are sitting down.  It lends a great organic feel to your images that looks good in either natural or urban locations.  To top it off, feeling a cool breeze on those toes might help cool the rest of you down too!


Be Prepared
Your photographer may bring some items to your session to help you combat the heat, but you should be prepared just in case you are on your own.  Here’s a must-have list for staying comfortable and looking good for your summer session:


  • Bottled water to stay cool and hydrated
  • Towels and/or blotter paper for staying dry
  • Makeup for touch up so you can stay fresh and keep the oil at bay
  • Umbrella for shade in between shots
  • Bug spray, summer is prime-time for insect life

Another thing you can discuss with your photographer is the timing of your shoot.  Mid-afternoon is usually the hottest point of the day, so scheduling for first thing in the morning or closer to sunset may make everyone more comfortable, and the lighting is best at those times of day anyways.  Photographers, this list goes for you too!  Bring yourself (and your clients if you want bonus points) towels and water at least – you will be hard at work too and it’s important to stay as cool and well-hydrated as possible.

Don’t let the hot summer weather ruin your portrait session, just plan ahead and be prepared, and you’ll never know from your images how hot it really was!”


Denim Shirt (Green wash) | Gap $49.95
T-shirt | Gap $16.99

Brown Crochet Cardigan | Old Navy $26.50
Coral Lace Cami | Old Navy $12.50
Cream Sweater Vest | Old Navy $26.94
Green Lightweight Vest | Old Navy $26.94

Outfit #1 | Old Navy
Plaid Shirt – $16.94
Red T-Shirt – $6.00
Shorts – $13.00

Outfit #2 | Gap
Grey T-Shirt – $14.99
Blue Shirt – $17.99
Hat – $18.99

Outfit #1 | Gap
Grey Cardigan – $29.95
Pink Shirt – $24.95
Pants – $24.95

Outfit #2 | Gap
Crop Jacket – $19.99
Floral Dress – $28.99
Pants – $18.99


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