Wardrobe Wednesday {Stylin’ Seniors}

I absolutely love photographing high school seniors! Erica of Erica May Photography has put together some AWESOME outfit ideas for all of you senior girls out there. Keep reading to see what she has to say!

“Lately, I have been lucky enough to photograph a ton of senior girls and with many more on my schedule next year the most common question I get is “what should I wear”? When it comes to senior sessions you really can’t go wrong with several different looks. This can really show all the different sides of your personality as well as give your photographer tons of options when it comes to posing. Make sure to check with your photographer for their specific outfit limit ahead of time that way you can plan out your different options well in advance. Can’t decide between two different shirts or dresses?? Bring them both! Your photographer will know what colors look best against the backdrop so it is worth getting their opinion. I actually love to have my clients’ text or e-mail me a picture of their outfits that way I can give advice and scout out some awesome spots that really compliment their clothing. Below I have put together four different looks that would be great for any senior session. Don’t forget to bring lots of accessories and layers!

Vintage Outfit: Vintage-inspired photo shoots are all the rage lately and with some many different options I can see why! My favorite vintage clothing store is Ruche. Their clothing is adorable and affordable. Make sure to check out their “look-book” for ideas on what to wear to your session as well! As you can see I added several accessories and layers that way you can have lots of different options for posing. AND it is a pocket dress (which I love right now!) which will give you several other poses as well!

Bohemian Outfit: The Bohemian style is going to be the hot thing this fall and I love all the textures and funky patterns! Add a headpiece or funky headband to a few of the pictures to mix up the look.

Urban Outfit: This electric urban outfit will give you a ton of options. Paired with the same jeans from the Bohemian outfit (changing just your top and accessories is so much easier than the whole outfit) and a cool leather jacket this outfit will be sure to show off your rebellious side;). I am loving the hat option and the funky jewelry!

Nature Outfit: Down here in Texas we love to take senior pictures in wildflowers, fields of weeds, and creeks so we love a good dress and boots. Of course, if you don’t live in Texas and you don’t want to invest in boots this can easily be worn barefoot or paired with some gladiator sandals. Anytime you are taking pictures in nature a bright color (like this turquoise dress) will really pop against the green and brown backdrop. Add a flower clip for a few pictures to mix it up.

I hope this has helped give you a few ideas for your senior session. The most important thing is to show off your personality and let your inner supermodel shine through! Have fun!”


Shopping Guide
Vintage Outfit:

Brazen Venture Pocket Print Dress
Ruche $35.99

Soaking in the Sun Espadrille Wedges
Ruche $36.99

Eocene Dangling Indie Earrings
Ruche $24.99

Zoey Bow Indie Hairpin by Petit Plume in Yellow

Cleopatra’s Way Bangles
Ruche $26.99

Mykonos Lace Cardigan
Ruche $42.99


Bohemian Outfit:

Crochet Overlay Top
Pink Ice $ 34.99
Finger Paint Cami
Pink Ice $ 22.99

Palomino Leather Headband Assorted Colors
Etsy $10.00

Three Button Destroyed Skinny Jean
Wet Seal $34.80

Urban Outfit:

Crinkle Leatherette Jacket
Wet Seal $36.50

Three Button Destroyed Skinny Jean
Wet Seal $34.80

Amber Cami
Wet Seal $6.50

Patent Leatherette Flat
Wet Seal $12.80

Diamond Dust Hoop Earring
Wet Seal $3.50

Braid & Buckle Fedora
Wet Seal $10.50

Braided Mesh Rhinestone Cuff
Wet Seal $12.50

Nature Outfit:

Olive & Oak Strapless Sweetheart Dress
Urban Outfitters $69.00

Justin Stampede Western Cowboy Boots
Sheplers $129.99

Gorgeous Brown Satin Flower with Gold and Crystal Brooch Center
Etsy – $15.95



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