Wardrobe Wednesday {Curvalicious}

We recently had some requests to put together some compilations that apply to the curvier crowd. I am included in that crowd, so I was happy to hear that one of our awesome contributors, Jennifer, of Minor Impressions Photography, was going to highlight the subject! Here’s what she has to say!

Here at Wardrobe Wednesday, our main goal is to show our clients (and yours) they have more options for their photo sessions than just the same old jeans and black or white shirt. We’ve been doing this for over a year now, and I have to admit, that while I wholeheartedly support the outfits we post, sometimes my first thought is, “yeah, that dress is rockin’, but I bet I couldn’t even fit my pinky toe in it!” That’s the pessimistic side of me. The optimistic side of me LOVES the outfit, goes straight to the store, tries it on, and is quite ticked off at my fabulous WW ladies because that gorgeous outfit on my size 14-16 body looks NOTHING like it did on the size 4 model. So, after a few requests from some of our readers, I decided to put together another plus-size ensemble.

One of the best features for any plus-size outfit is a wide belt or cinched-in fabric just below the bust. In the dress shown, the belt gives your body a more defined hourglass shape, and the empire waist on the paisley shirt lengthens the body’s appearance. Find a well-fitted, supportive, strapless bra if you choose to stay sleeveless, or use a coordinating cardigan if you decide not to show off your arms. Bring a camisole or tank top to throw on underneath the cardigan, along with a pair of blue jeans when you want a more casual look.

While it is not often suggested to wear horizontal stripes if you are self-conscious about your size, the black vest over the striped-shirt gives the illusion of a much smaller frame. In all cases, wear heels, when possible, to elongate your legs, and be sure to include a few accessories to add the special touch.

As with any other body type, there are some important things you should remember if you’re shopping in the plus-size section:

  • Make sure the clothes fit. Keep in mind that if the shirt or dress is tight when you’re standing up, then there’s a big possibility that you’re going to be highly uncomfortable when we ask you to sit down. On the same note, don’t try to hide everything under an outfit that is two sizes too big for you. It WILL make you look bigger!
  • Slim your body using shapewear.  There are great tank tops and strapless body suits that help you obtain a sleek silhouette by enhancing the natural curves of your body. Again, you want to make sure you get the correct size. If you can’t breathe when you try it on, try the next size up so you’re not gasping for air during your session.
  • Wear something that shows off what you love, and conceals the parts you’re not too crazy about. If you don’t like your arms, don’t wear a sleeveless shirt or find a cardigan to complement that cute tank top you love. If you don’t like your legs, don’t wear short shorts.

The most important thing to remember is to be comfortable, have fun, and let your personality shine through!


All items can be found at either Maurices or Torrid.


Blue Dress


Open-Toe Boots

Multi-Colored Ring

Multi-Colored Earrings

Blue Necklace

Black Shirt & Vest

Black Pants

Black Necklace

Black Earrings

Wedge Sandals


Paisley Shirt



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