Wardrobe Wednesday {From Tots to Teens}

It’s all about families with more than two kids this week! Lindsay makes selecting outfits for portraits simple for moms of multi aged kids…from tots to teens! Here’s what she has to say:

Coordinating outfits for a couple of kids can be daunting enough, but what about those families blessed with a whole bunch of kiddos?  Shopping for a larger number can quickly become overwhelming, especially when you have kids spanning all ages from teens to toddlers (that was my family growing up!).  Well, we’ve taken all of the guesswork out of the equation for you in this week’s Wardrobe Wednesday post.  I’ve highlighted a lovely fall wardrobe for up to 6 kids from babies to teens.  Don’t have 6 kids?  No problem!  Just mix and match the outfits you need to work for your particular family.

I started with the older girl’s top to set my color palette and went from there.  I fell in love with this shirt the moment I saw it at Tea Collection – it has great texture and a beautiful palette of colors for a fall shoot.  I used those colors as my base for picking the rest of the outfits, and I tried to mix up fabrics and layers to create a really natural “un-matchy” look.  I also make it a point to mix up types of clothing.  For example, I don’t want all of the girls in dresses or all of the boys in jeans and button-ups, even if they are different colors or patterns.  And thankfully for you moms of 6, everything here can be purchased online to spare you a trip to the store!



Shopping List


Older Boy

Button Up Shirt – Old Navy $39.94

Jeans – Old Navy $29.50


Older Girl

Flower Top – Tea Collection $39.00

Skinny Jeans – Tea Collection $49.00


Younger Boy

Orange Shirt – Tea Collection $26.00

White Long-Sleeved Shirt – Tea Collection $26.00

Khaki Pants – Tea Collection $35.00


Younger Girl

Pink Tunic Top – Tea Collection $35.00

Patterned Leggings – Tea Collection $25.00


Baby Boy

Denim Overalls – Gap $30.00

Green Bodysuit – Gap $14.50


Baby Girl

Brown Dress – Gap $14.99 (sale)

White Footed Leggings – Gap $14.95

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