He Said She Said Workshop Coming to NAPLES!

If you follow my blog, you KNOW how much I ADORE Jean Smith and Travis Smith.  If you don’t know, check out their absolutely gorgeous family I had the privilege and pleasure of photographing last summer. You’ll know why I adore them so much after reading that blog post and seeing their images!

Jean and Travis are fabulous photographers located in Michigan. I have been following them both for YEARS now and for different reasons. Jean is a girl after my own heart; she loves natural light and shoots mainly natural light and specializes in shooting families, babies, children and weddings. Travis is a bit different and loves off camera flash and shooting models, high school seniors and commercial. Together they have put together a fantastic workshop I have been DYING to attend.  And guess WHAT? Not only will I attend this time, but I was asked to be part of the staff and host it!  It’s coming TO SOUTHWEST FLORIDA! Yes you read that right. Read on if you are interested in attending!


WHAT is this workshop about?

The workshop is TWO different days. One full day, and one half day. You can choose either day or BOTH (nice savings if you choose both!).  The full day workshop will cover everything from pre-production (location, style and creativity, etc), to production (posing and working with your subject, lighting with off camera flash, etc), and finally, to post production (workflow, post processing, and everything business).   The half day workshop will cover all things off camera flash/lighting. This will include: choosing the right equipment, single and multiple light setups, inverse square law (how to use flash to subject distance to take more creative control over your lighting), live shooting portion and model shoot.

So in short (and to quote Jean and Travis), “where one is weaker, the other is strong, and together, we offer a complete package with tons-o-knowledge.”

(plus they are super entertaining…BONUS!)

WHO can register?

YOU! Anybody interested in photography. Whether you are already an established photographer looking to take your skills a step further, or you are a an amateur…this workshop is for YOU!

WHEN is the workshop?

March 30th, 2012 from 2pm to 7pm (lighting day)


March 31st, 2012 from 9am to 7pm

WHERE will the workshop be held?

Naples, FL (exact location TBD)

HOW do I sign up??

Visit the workshop site. Click on WORKSHOPS and find the FLORIDA workshop to find more information. Then go to REGISTRATION and you’ll be in!

BONUS: register by January 3oth FEBRUARY 15th and receive $100. OFF your registration!

What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Hope to see you in March!




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