Wardrobe Wednesday {Bring the Bling}

LOVING this post by Rebecca of Rebecca Keeling Studios! It’s right up my ally. She’s featured a lot of White House Black Market items, and OH how I love that store! For some awesome fashion tips and ideas for holiday wear, read on!

The holidays are here, New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and while you probably don’t have a portrait session scheduled for your party wear, there are sure to be plenty of photos being snapped and maybe even some fun photo booth opportunities, so you want to look your best!  I think the most fabulous part of New Year’s Eve is the chance to get all dolled up in sparkles and fun things that we don’t normally get to wear.  The trick to wearing “bling” (and not looking like a mirrored disco ball) is to do it a little at a time.  Choose one item of clothing that you want to highlight, a cute tank or a mini skirt, and then choose simple and classic items to go along with them for a knockout party look.  If you have a few holiday parties on your social calendar this year, buy pieces that you can mix and match for several different looks.  Jackets such as these shown here can be worn with dress pants, skirts, dresses, and jeans.  Fancy heels look super cute with both dressy clothes or with this beautiful off the shoulder sweater and jeans.  Mix in some sparkly accessories and you’ve got the perfect outfit for just about any get together.

Having a holiday engagement session?  These casual party looks would be SO cute in an urban setting.  Now, I know a few of these items are a bit more expensive than most people normally spend on clothing, especially the Hugo Boss suit…my boyfriend would look at me like I had three heads if I asked him to buy that suit.  The suit IS ridiculously beautiful however,  I was more going for the look to show how well it coordinates with the colors of her outfit and to show another option versus the plain old black suit and tie.  There are many less expensive options out there, just look for a similar style and that beautiful brown color.  The most important thing about getting ready for holiday parties is to have fun!  Don’t put on the same ‘ole thing you wear every year.  Even if you just buy one new piece, make it a statement piece and…bring on the bling!

Where to get the goods

{Casual Party: Him}
Vest: Buckle | $90
Shirt: Buckle | $100
Jeans: Buckle | $65
Shoes: Buckle | $65
Fedora: Buckle | $25
Belt: Buckle | $35
Scarf: Dillards | $16

{Casual Party: Her}
Jacket: White House Black Market | $60
Tank: White House Black Market | $78
Jeans: White House Black Market | $88
Shoes: White House Black Market |$56
Earrings: White House Black Market | $38

{Formal Soiree: Her}
Sweater: White House Black Market | $40
Jacket: White House Black Market | $188
Skirt: White House Black Market | $168
Shoes: Guess | $35
Earrings: White House Black Market | $34
Clutch: White House Black Market | $30


{Formal Soiree: Him}
Suit: Hugo Boss | $1150
Shoes: Piperlime | $98
Pocket Watch: Overstock.com | $65

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