Wardrobe Wedesday {Boudoir}

Kelly of Kelly V. Photography and Black Lace Images has put together a GREAT post on what to wear for boudoir shoots. Love the tips!


Last year, in honor of all the ladies looking for something different to give to their guy on Valentine’s Day, I did a post explaining boudoir photography and put together a few different looks to personalize your session. You can find it here.

Now that you’re a boudoir expert, I thought I’d help you get a little more organized while putting together that perfect ensemble!

I do a lot of these sessions all year with my boudoir division Black Lace Images, and I would argue that “what to wear” is probably more important for my boudoir clients than any others. You want to feel comfortable, confident AND sexy. So rather than frantically digging through your entire closet, dresser and jewelry box looking for SOMETHING, ANYTHING that will work, here are a few tips on how to plan and decide what to bring to your shoot.

  1. All about the accessories: A basic bra set can become incredible with a unique accessory. Think long necklaces, chandelier earrings, even a beautiful hair clip or headband. If you love the soft, romantic look, shop for anything along the line of bridal jewelry. If you want images with a little more punch, you can’t ever go wrong with black thigh high stockings. It’s a simple purchase for less than $10 and can make a big impact.
  2. Nothing else needed: I think there’s a misconception that you need to be completely decked out from head to toe for a boudoir shoot. Sometimes the incredible detail in lacy lingerie is absolutely magnificent all on its own. If you have a highly detailed bra and underwear set or corset, you don’t need a bangly, spangly bracelet, flashy earrings and a bulky necklace. They’ll either upstage it or just compete with each other. Sometimes less is more.
  3. Coordinate an outfit: If you’re after a specific look, then go for it! Plan an entire outfit just like you would for any portrait session. You don’t have to just bring a mish-mash of things you unearthed from your closet. Whether you want vintage, flirty, a pop of color or, heck, even dominatrix if that’s your thing, put together something that expresses who you are.

Here’s an example image from one of my recent sessions that kind of illustrates all of my points in one. Ally is wearing a basic bodice, paired it with an awesome accessory (without overdoing it by adding earrings or any other jewelry at all), and she paired the two of them together because she wanted a vintage look.


And of course it wouldn’t be a Wardrobe Wednesday if I didn’t put together a few outfits to illustrate the point!

All about accessories

Nude bra set: $78 for both, The Bra Company

Thigh highs: $7.50, Berkshire

Ribbon headband: $54, Etsy.com

Crystal lariat: $44.62, Etsy.com Birdcage veil: $17.99, Etsy.com

Chandelier earrings: $70, Etsy.com


Nothing else needed

Mimi tatin silk bra: $89.08, ASOS

Mimi tatin boy short: $70.90, ASOS


Coordinate an outfit

Lace bodysuit: $40, ASOS

Glamour Hollywood earrings: $65, Etsy.com

Ofelia heels: $514.95, Bruno Magli

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