Wardrobe Wednesday {Party of 8}

It’s hard enough trying to figure out how to dress a family of four – but what about a family of eight! The easy out would be to dress everyone in the same colors, but don’t worry – a coordinated clothing ensemble is easier to pull together than you think. Here, Jennifer Minor shows us just how to do it!


Last week, we had a special request from a mom who has a photo session with FIVE boys, one girl, and a hubby to round out a happy family of eight. It’s not an easy task to put together a wardrobe with so many kiddos, so we thought we would try to help. As I commonly like to suggest, I started with the 11-year-old daughter, and gave her an outfit with multiple colors with which to coordinate. Following the blues and yellows scheme, I added in five boy shirts choosing a different color for each. With all of these shirts, the boys can wear either khakis or blue jeans. Mix in a couple of outfits for mom and dad, and you have a family that makes mom look like she has everything under control!

It’s not easy to always find everything in one store, so the best advice I can give in this situation is to go for colors that are trending for the season. Follow that rule, and you should have multiple choices at various stores.


wardrobe ideas for a family with five boys and one girl



Girl’s skinny jeans – $14 JCP
Girl’s Shirt – $22.80 (on sale) Kohls
Girl’s Shoe – $30 JCP

Boy’s 5 mos Striped Polo – $6 (on sale) The Children’s Place
Boy’s 5 yrs Navy Polo – $6 (on sale) The Children’s Place
Boy’s 6 yrs shirt – $14 JCP
Boy’s Navy Button-Up Shirt – $12 JCP
Boy’s 7 yrs Yellow Polo – $24 JCP
Boy’s 5 mos Jeans - $15 (on sale) The Children’s Place
Boy’s 5 yrs Khakis – $11.21 (on sale) The Children’s Place

Mom’s Shirt – $23.99 (on sale) Kohls
Mom’s Pants – $49.99 Kohls
Mom’s Shoe - $55.99 (on sale) Kohls

Dad’s Shirt - $25 JCP
Dad’s T-Shirt - $15 JCP
Dad’s Pants – $35 JCP



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