Wardrobe Wednesday {Mother/Daughter Sessions}

Mother’s Day is just around the corner  and I bet many photographers-as well as clients-reading this have either had a mother/child session or wish they have had a mother/child session!  Mother and child sessions are by far my FAVORITE sessions to photograph, so I decided this week to put together a post in honor of mother’s day!

Last week one of our Wardrobe Wednesday contributors, Kelly, introduced us all to an entire new world of wardrobe planning via Polyvore! This site is AMAZING! I have not yet had time to truly explore it, but I bet what i’ve used it for so far only scratches the surface.

I found THE cutest little girl’s dress and fell in love. I found some shoes, accessories and an outfit for mom and voila! A cute compilation and not too costly, either!

I am just in love with the spring/summer colors in this “look”! (you’ll find links to buy below)

And for extra inspiration, I am posting of few of my clients’ wardrobes from my weekend of mom & me mini shoots. I was SO impressed with what everybody put together! They outfits compliment each other, without being too “matchy”. Success!






Click HERE for links for where to buy mom’s outfit (scroll over the item and click!).

Click HERE for links for where to buy the daughter’s outfit.

Those are links to the sets I created using Polyvore…my new obsession!

I urge you to check it out for yourself…and HAVE FUN!


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