To The Moon and Back |Week 10/52

I have been having some blog issues, so I missed last week. :( I am back on it this week though and I will NOT miss another week! (I’ll keep telling myself that)

Since last time, my “baby” girl turned 8. I know it is SO cliche’ and you hear it all of the time, but honestly…WHERE does the time go? She was just a baby! Now she is our sweet, loving, caring, sensitive and sassy 8 year old. Love her to pieces!

Speaking of babies…he is my “baby”…soon to be 5. I cry. Here is is with his little puppy that he won at the fair this weekend. He is a major cuddle bug, if you couldn’t tell. LOVE HIM!

To see some more beautiful work and beautiful kids, click HERE! Jennifer with Pirates and Pixies Photography is up new with her cuties!

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One Response to “To The Moon and Back |Week 10/52”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I have a girl and boy the same ages. The time does go too fast!


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