To the Moon and Back | Week 16/52

I missed last week! :( I promised myself this wouldn’t happen, but we were out of town for four days, and my in laws were moving back up North and and and…time just got away. SO, no regrets, moving on to this week!

My little guy has been off of preschool for Spring Break for quite some time now and I’ve just been enjoying the stuffin’ out of him! He’s such a love. Here he is with his “Plubear” while we were waiting for his big sister at the bus stop.




Emma is always so happy to see us after school and she especially loves when her brother is there to greet her as well. The older they get, the more they truly seem to enjoy each other and it makes my heart melt!




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One Response to “To the Moon and Back | Week 16/52”

  1. Megan says:

    He is so squishy and adorable and I love how excited she is to see her brother! Wonderful captures!


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