Meet Shannon

Hi there!
I’m Shannon. A mother of two, a wife of one incredible and supportive man, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I understand how important family, personal connections and moments are in life. Which is why I LOVE to photograph them. I love people. Period.  

I am a trained school psychologist and went to school for many years to become one. I chose that career path; however, photography chose me. It is my passion and obsession.

My style is fun and vibrant; bright and fresh. I really enjoy capturing moments as they unfold. I love capturing fleeting moments and emotions. I might describe my style as more candid with some “posed candid” shots mixed in. I like to catch my clients really laughing, interacting and playing.  I encourage them to relax and just “be”.

Love, enjoy and laugh.  Just be you…i’ll do the rest.

















(image credit: Jean Smith Photography)


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