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And babies make 5…{Fort Myers Maternity and Newborn Photographer}

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

How is it possible i’ve been in business almost five years and never had the opportunity to photograph TWINS?!?! Well, my luck has changed! :)

Can you believe how beautiful this mama is? She is 35 weeks pregnant with twins in these photos…what??? I didn’t look that good with one baby…wait…I don’t look that good NOT pregnant!

Ah em…excuse the image overload…I simply could not narrow it down anymore!

First up, my fav from the shoot. I had plans for this shot, then big brother peeked through…and I captured it! What a sweet face…

This here is truly mom’s personality…she is always smiling and happy. I never ONCE heard her complain throughout her pregnancy…even at 40+ weeks…did I mention she is having twins??


This is one of my favorites from the shoot…Oh the face! OH the light! Oh the sailboat! (yes it’s real and was really there!)


Not one to normally over edit, I really wanted to try something different with this shot. The sky was really pretty but the water brown. So I decided to do some color overlay to spruce up the water color and it blossomed from there. And yes, the birds are real. What really struck me was that there were TWO birds. Oh the symbolism. :)

And after many weeks of waiting (over 40!), Stella and Eden made their debut. They are both so precious and so different!



I saved this collage for last. Every time I look at this series I just DIE LAUGHING! I don’t think I need to narrate the sequence of events here…the images speak for themselves!!


Bless you if you’ve made it this far! I hope you enjoyed this beautiful family…I truly had the best time capturing their story!


Wardrobe Wednesday {Chic Maternity}

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

This week’s fabulous Wardrobe Wednesday post by Erica of Erica May Photography is so fabulous, it ALMOST makes me want to be pregnant again. Almost.

This week, I decided to put together some wardrobe ideas for a maternity session. I have a few  maternity sessions coming up this Spring that I am excited about so it was a lot of fun! It has been awhile since we have done a maternity Wardrobe Wednesday and we were in need of some new Spring looks. Sometimes shopping for cute maternity clothes can be a bit of a challenge but I noticed that, especially this Spring, retailers have really improved their maternity selections! I was so excited to find all these fun Spring colors when looking around this week. When putting together a wardrobe for your maternity session I find it is easier to find the woman’s outfit first and then find a coordinating outfit for the man. Here are a few tips for your maternity photo shoot:

1.) Admit that you need maternity clothes – okay, we have all stretched our pants as long as we can but some well-fitting clothes are always a must for photo shoots!

2.) If you want to elongate your torso go for a long shirt and a short jacket.

3.) Prints that completely cover the fabric can divert attention away from the tummy and breast area if you want to tone these areas down a bit.

4.) Don’t be afraid to wear form-fitting clothes to show off that belly!

5.) Get your man involved to help think of ideas for your session. Do y’all love to watch baseball, hang out by the lake or beach, or go for ice cream? All of these things are
great ideas on how to incorporate your personalities into your maternity session!

The first outfit below is the most affordable option and would be super cute for a maternity session! I love the bright colors in the woman’s outfit and you could accessorize with some cute and colorful jewelry. The optional cardigan is perfect for layering. The second outfit ensemble is a bit of a splurge – hey, it is hard to find cute maternity dresses but you could easily swap it out for a cheaper solid color dress. I loved the nautical feel of this dress and by adding a big floppy hat you could change the look of the outfit dramatically. The man’s outfit is relaxed and pulls in the rest of the nautical colors. So, don’t miss your opportunity to capture your beautiful pregnant glow. It won’t last forever!

Shopping Guide:

Woman’s Outfit #1
Maternity Crochet-Trim Jersey Tops $14.50 Old Navy
Maternity Tiered Drawstring-Waist Skirts $26.50 Old Navy
Women’s Espadrille Wedge Sandals $25.00 Old Navy
Maternity Cropped Denim Jackets $32.94 Old Navy

Man’s Outfit #1
Royal Palm Peached Poly $21.99 J.C. Penney
Men’s Bootcut Jeans $29.50 Old Navy
Men’s leather-trimmer Flip Flops $19.50 Old Navy

Woman’s Outfit #2
A Pea in the Pod Collection: Ella Moss Sleeveless High-low Hem Maternity Maxi Dress $195.00
Large Straw Stripe Sun Hat – Dark Khaki $29.99 Amazon

Man’s Outfit #2
Fish Hawk Cliff T-Shirt $14.45 Abercrombie
Indian Pass Shirt Polo $78 Abercrombie
Cascade Lakes Pants $78 Abercrombie
Navy Stone-Washed Toms – $48

I told you it was fabulous.

Wedding blogged TOMORROW!


Newness {Punta Gorda, FL Maternity and Newborn Photographer}

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

I had the pleasure of spending lots of time with this couple and their new bundle of joy!  Danielle and Charlie were so easy going at their maternity session. Up for anything and actually brought “props” to add to the session! Charlie was full of ideas…I love it when clients are creative and up for anything! It’s no wonder their precious little boy was so easy going…












I love how serene and relaxed these images turned out. Thank you Danielle and Charlie for allowing me to capture these first images of your bundle of love!


Wardrobe Wednesday {Maternity Style}

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Our very own Wardrobe Wednesday {where fashion meets photography} contributor Lindsay Horn of Lindsay Horn Photography is expecting a new bundle of joy! So what more appropriate subject to cover, than maternity!

With our own little bundle of joy on the way in July, I’ve had maternity portraits on the brain! We didn’t get “real” maternity portraits taken the first time around (I know, shame on me), so I’m really excited to capture this special time for round two! It’s so easy to feel frumpy and unattractive in some of the maternity clothes out there, but there are a lot of really cute outfits too! I’ve chosen a couple of different styles and paired them with a coordinating looks for your man as well. Style number one is the “Urban Chic” look. You can be pregnant and still be super trendy and stylish! I LOVE this dress, I think the neckline gives some great balance for your adorable baby bump.  Being a Texas girl, I substituted the boots in the image for something a little more southern, and I added a vintage headband and necklace for a sweet feminine touch. As an extra sweet bonus for you, TFJ Designs is offering 15% off of the first 10 orders of the Kayla headband (shown here) using the code: WWKAYLA15! Make sure to click on the link below in the shopping list to take advantage ASAP! If you do miss out, check around her shop, she has plenty of adorable accessories. Dress your guy up in this modern take on an old classic – he is also the perfect accessory! Style number two is the “Casual Cool” look. I picture these outfits in a natural setting where the colors will really pop. I love the layering in this outfit, and it just goes to show that our standard style advice still applies even in a maternity wardrobe … layers, textures, and accessories! I found some great jewelry to round out this adorable ensemble, and even included an accessory for your hubby too (if he’ll go for it!). Just remember, pregnancy is something to be celebrated and commemorated, no matter how much weight you’ve gained or how unattractive you may feel. You DO look beautiful, and your kiddos will love looking back on these images one day too!

Shopping List:

Shawl Collar Dress: Motherhood Maternity $29.99
Black Boots: Old Navy $34.97
Drop Necklace Kohl’s $20.00
Vintage Headband TFJ Designs $28.00

Black Pants Old Navy $19.97
Sweater Vest Old Navy $24.50
Blazer Old Navy $49.50
Black Shoes Target $29.99

Low-rise Boot Cut Maternity Jeans Old Navy $24.97
Fuchsia Jersey Stretch Tank Old Navy $10.00
Lightweight Floral Smocked Tank Old Navy $27.50
Boyfriend Cardigan Old Navy $34.50
Flats Old Navy $19.50
Earrings Old Navy $7.50
Bracelets Old Navy $10.50

Khaki Pants Old Navy $29.50
Oxford Shirt Old Navy $20.00
Brown Shoes Target $34.99
Bracelet Urban Outfitters $5.00

SO chic! Makes me wish I was pregnant again…oh we won’t be going there again though! Hope this has helped give some of you preggers out there some great ideas for your maternity shoot!

until next time…


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