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2K Giveaway!

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

I am humbled and excited to be nearing the 2K mark on the SJD Photography Facebook page!  Those who know me well, know I like to give back.

SO, I am giving away a FREE mini session and FIVE high resolution digital images! Enter below if you’d like to win!

Contest ends Thursday, August 22nd at midnight OR when page reaches 2,000 likes!




a Rafflecopter giveaway


*winner must be local

*mini session lasts 20-30 minutes at one of two locations in Estero

*winner will receive about 15 images from which to choose their final 5 digital images

*upgrade to full session is available and can be held at location of choice and will yield at least 40 proofs from which to choose

*option to add on products and/or extra digital images

*participants can enter once per day

*session must take place between September 1, 2013 and September 30, 2013 OR after November 15th, 2013


WIND–I heart faces monthly challenge

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Every once in a while, I enjoy entering photo challenges. It’s good to put yourself out there and get some feedback. This month’s challenge over at I Heart Faces is “Wind”.

This little girl is one of my favorite little models and I happened to catch her on a windy day. :)


I Heart Faces is an AWESOME resource and community with invaluable information relating to photography! Challenges are only one small portion of the blog…there are daily tutorials and tons of inspiration. You should check it out. :)

WINNER!!! He Said She Said Free Seat Giveaway

Monday, February 13th, 2012

We are blown away by the number of entries we had and the AWESOME comments left! It is evident that Jean and Travis are VERY talented photographers who are looked up to by the photography community. SO thank you for all of your kind comments!

If you did not win, please read on to find out how you can receive a generous discount off of your registration if you decide to register for the workshop!

And now the winner (the winner was chosen by



Congratulations!! We will be in touch!

And for the rest of you awesome people who entered, Jean and Travis are extending a very generous discount:

$100.00 off of registration when you mention Wardrobe Wednesday! WOOHOO!!

Thank you again to everybody who participated! We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!


Wardrobe Wednesday {Bring the Bling}

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

LOVING this post by Rebecca of Rebecca Keeling Studios! It’s right up my ally. She’s featured a lot of White House Black Market items, and OH how I love that store! For some awesome fashion tips and ideas for holiday wear, read on!

The holidays are here, New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and while you probably don’t have a portrait session scheduled for your party wear, there are sure to be plenty of photos being snapped and maybe even some fun photo booth opportunities, so you want to look your best!  I think the most fabulous part of New Year’s Eve is the chance to get all dolled up in sparkles and fun things that we don’t normally get to wear.  The trick to wearing “bling” (and not looking like a mirrored disco ball) is to do it a little at a time.  Choose one item of clothing that you want to highlight, a cute tank or a mini skirt, and then choose simple and classic items to go along with them for a knockout party look.  If you have a few holiday parties on your social calendar this year, buy pieces that you can mix and match for several different looks.  Jackets such as these shown here can be worn with dress pants, skirts, dresses, and jeans.  Fancy heels look super cute with both dressy clothes or with this beautiful off the shoulder sweater and jeans.  Mix in some sparkly accessories and you’ve got the perfect outfit for just about any get together.

Having a holiday engagement session?  These casual party looks would be SO cute in an urban setting.  Now, I know a few of these items are a bit more expensive than most people normally spend on clothing, especially the Hugo Boss suit…my boyfriend would look at me like I had three heads if I asked him to buy that suit.  The suit IS ridiculously beautiful however,  I was more going for the look to show how well it coordinates with the colors of her outfit and to show another option versus the plain old black suit and tie.  There are many less expensive options out there, just look for a similar style and that beautiful brown color.  The most important thing about getting ready for holiday parties is to have fun!  Don’t put on the same ‘ole thing you wear every year.  Even if you just buy one new piece, make it a statement piece and…bring on the bling!

Where to get the goods

{Casual Party: Him}
Vest: Buckle | $90
Shirt: Buckle | $100
Jeans: Buckle | $65
Shoes: Buckle | $65
Fedora: Buckle | $25
Belt: Buckle | $35
Scarf: Dillards | $16

{Casual Party: Her}
Jacket: White House Black Market | $60
Tank: White House Black Market | $78
Jeans: White House Black Market | $88
Shoes: White House Black Market |$56
Earrings: White House Black Market | $38

{Formal Soiree: Her}
Sweater: White House Black Market | $40
Jacket: White House Black Market | $188
Skirt: White House Black Market | $168
Shoes: Guess | $35
Earrings: White House Black Market | $34
Clutch: White House Black Market | $30

{Formal Soiree: Him}
Suit: Hugo Boss | $1150
Shoes: Piperlime | $98
Pocket Watch: | $65

He Said She Said Workshop Coming to NAPLES!

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

If you follow my blog, you KNOW how much I ADORE Jean Smith and Travis Smith.  If you don’t know, check out their absolutely gorgeous family I had the privilege and pleasure of photographing last summer. You’ll know why I adore them so much after reading that blog post and seeing their images!

Jean and Travis are fabulous photographers located in Michigan. I have been following them both for YEARS now and for different reasons. Jean is a girl after my own heart; she loves natural light and shoots mainly natural light and specializes in shooting families, babies, children and weddings. Travis is a bit different and loves off camera flash and shooting models, high school seniors and commercial. Together they have put together a fantastic workshop I have been DYING to attend.  And guess WHAT? Not only will I attend this time, but I was asked to be part of the staff and host it!  It’s coming TO SOUTHWEST FLORIDA! Yes you read that right. Read on if you are interested in attending!


WHAT is this workshop about?

The workshop is TWO different days. One full day, and one half day. You can choose either day or BOTH (nice savings if you choose both!).  The full day workshop will cover everything from pre-production (location, style and creativity, etc), to production (posing and working with your subject, lighting with off camera flash, etc), and finally, to post production (workflow, post processing, and everything business).   The half day workshop will cover all things off camera flash/lighting. This will include: choosing the right equipment, single and multiple light setups, inverse square law (how to use flash to subject distance to take more creative control over your lighting), live shooting portion and model shoot.

So in short (and to quote Jean and Travis), “where one is weaker, the other is strong, and together, we offer a complete package with tons-o-knowledge.”

(plus they are super entertaining…BONUS!)

WHO can register?

YOU! Anybody interested in photography. Whether you are already an established photographer looking to take your skills a step further, or you are a an amateur…this workshop is for YOU!

WHEN is the workshop?

March 30th, 2012 from 2pm to 7pm (lighting day)


March 31st, 2012 from 9am to 7pm

WHERE will the workshop be held?

Naples, FL (exact location TBD)

HOW do I sign up??

Visit the workshop site. Click on WORKSHOPS and find the FLORIDA workshop to find more information. Then go to REGISTRATION and you’ll be in!

BONUS: register by January 3oth FEBRUARY 15th and receive $100. OFF your registration!

What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Hope to see you in March!




Wardrobe Wednesday {Keeping it Simple}

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011
Jennifer of Minor Impressions Photography keeps it simple with online shopping from Hanna Andersson and Target! Love this look…it’s perfect for Fall!!
It’s the time of year when everything I was planning to do six months ago has crept up on me, and panic is setting in as I realize it will be impossible to get it all done. I’ve begun to evaluate my priorities and while my own family pictures thankfully made the cut, I am finding I don’t have much time to plan our wardrobe.
Fortunately, I’ve collected multiple catalogs from some vendors I love and I came across my Hanna Andersson catalog which includes not only children’s clothing but outfits for mom and dad as well. I went straight to their website to pick out some things, and immediately clicked on the Family link that shows some great coordinated outfits. While it was very tempting to just purchase everything in the picture and check the task off my list, I only used this as a starting point. We have spoken many times about not putting everyone in the same color or making sure that all the kids aren’t in the same outfits. The same stands true for putting all family members in the same pattern or fabric. While I loved that Hanna Andersson offered a cardigan for mom and a vest and button-down shirt for the boy that could have completely matched the ensemble, I felt it was necessary to add some solids in to break up the patterns. As an added bonus, mom and dad or brother and sister can take some pictures just the two of them and still look fantastically coordinated!

Shirt –
Hanna Andersson – $24
Jeans –
Hanna Andersson – $30
Shoes –
Hanna Andersson – $54
Dress –
Hanna Andersson – $33
Boots –
Hanna Andersson – $68
Headband –
Etsy – Mia’s Bow Boutique – $8
Dress –
Target – $34.99
Boots –
Target – $79.99
Necklace –
Target – $12.99
Shirt – Hanna Andersson – $58
Jeans – Target – $22.00
Shoes – Target – $34.99

I heart faces {let them be little}

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

This week’s challenge at I Heart Faces is “Let them be little”.  I was very excited to hear of this challenge but boy was it hard to choose an image! I am primarily a children and family photographer so I have SO many adorable images from which to choose.

But in the spirit of the season, I chose this one.

Playing in the fall leaves: what better example of children being children? :)


Go on and head over to the I Heart Faces site to see some awesome talent!

Wardrobe Wednesday {Country Chic}

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

This week’s Wardrobe Wednesday is brought to you by Lindsay of Lindsay Horn Photography in Texas! The ensemble is based on a request we had on our Wardrobe Wednesday {where fashion meets photography} facebook page. Here’s what she has to say:

When I saw this style request come through our email, I just couldn’t resist.  Mom has a “rustic country” session scheduled this spring and was a little overwhelmed at the idea of coordinating outfits for her three girls (ages 6, 4, and 2).  Since we recently found out that we will be adding another little girl to our family, let’s just say that I have coordinating girls’ outfits on the brain!  Not to mention, being a native Texan and lover of all things country, I thought this would be a fun challenge.

I opted to go with more of a “country chic” vibe for a couple of reasons.  First, here in Dallas (where the request came from) we tend to throw in a little fashion and shabby chic appeal to our version of country, and secondly, I think these outfits will have a wider appeal beyond a country theme as well.  Simply switch up some accessories, and you could take this wardrobe in a completely different direction.

I first found the adorable plaid dress at Tea Collection and decided to use that as my base color palette.  You can find so many options right now in these colors, and that’s always important when you are trying to pull together outfits.  I liked the idea of throwing in a layer with the denim jacket – it lends a little country credibility and helps to break up the pattern amidst the other outfits.  If it’s warm when the session rolls around, one or two rolls on the cuffs can let a little air through and look really cute.

I pulled colors from the plaid dress to put together the other two outfits.  I didn’t want to put all three girls in dresses – I think mixing it up with a skirt and top looks more natural and adds some depth and texture to the entire ensemble.  Then I went to Etsy to find some adorable hair accessories to finish everything off.

Footwear is the place where you can really cement these outfits as all-out country or modernize them a little bit to fit almost any backdrop.  I’ve shown a few options here.  First, you can go for a truly authentic country look and get the real deal kid’s cowboy boots.  I actually have the boots shown below for my daughter, which she wore in our family portraits last spring along with a cute dress and denim jacket.   They were a little pricey for me, but worth the splurge to really make a statement.  You can also “glam” the boots up a little bit too.  I’ve shown some boots with embellishments and sequins from Target as a possible option.  These aren’t going to be authentic boots, so they are a little more affordable.  Lastly, if you want to stay away from boots, look for something like these tan gladiator sandals.  They still have an organic feel to them, which fits well with the outfits as a whole, without screaming cowgirl.

Of course, we would love to hear more ideas on how we can help you style your next session.  Shoot us an email at  HYPERLINK “” and you might just see YOUR family dressed on our next post!


Big Sis

Taupe Playa Dress $35 Tea Collection

Cream Bolero  $26.95 Gap Kids

Pink and Rust Rolled Rose Hair Clip $13.50 Ruby Blue Inc. (Etsy)

Middle Sis

lDusty Coral Ruffle Sleeve Top $29 Tea Collection

Tiered Denim Skirt $29.95 Gap Kids

Beige Chiffon Rosettes Headband $6.95 The Fairy Factory (Etsy)

Baby Sis

Playa Plaid Dress $49 Tea Collection

Denim Jacket $27 Gap Baby

Cream Lace Vintage Headband $10 BuggaBugga Boutique (Etsy)


Authentic: Old West Children’s Cowboy Boots $41.99 Shepler’s

Glam:  Brown and Pink Deloria Boots $19.99 Target

Sandals:  Suede Gladiators $24.95 Gap Kids

Wardrobe Wednesday {Spring and Easter Style}

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Jennifer of Minor Impressions Photography, has put together some CUTE CUTE spring/Easter outfit ideas! Here’s what she has to say!

This is one of my most favorite times of the year! It’s getting a little bit warmer, the grass is turning green again, and you start to see a few flowers bloom. The other reason I love it is that the stores start putting out all of their Easter outfits.

I don’t usually suggest that kids (especially toddlers) wear something dressy to take pictures in, but Easter pictures are definitely an exception. So many times I catch myself purchasing the perfect dress for my girls to wear, and they end up only wearing it once or twice. You might as well attempt a third time and have some portraits made of your little darling looking perfect, even if he/she isn’t! :-)

Many Easter outfits are your basic pastel colors. Most of the time, the lighter colors can look very washed out in pictures. I suggest mixing some pastels and darker shades of color to make your outfits stand out more. You’ll see that there are various colors in both of the girls’ dresses, which also makes it easier to find something which coordinates for the boy to wear. If you tend to steer away from the dressier outfits because you know you won’t get as much use out of them as you’d like, you can still have the great colors with something more casual. Just follow the same guidelines of the dark and light colors mixed together!

Now that you have some great wardrobe choices, be sure to talk with your photographer about the location you’d like to use. For Easter pictures, some great choices are a local park, somewhere with a pond, or even an arboretum if you have one nearby.

Shopping List

Girl’s Dressy OutfitCrazy8

Dress – $34.95

Cardigan – $26.95

Shoes – $22.75

Necklace – $12.95

Bracelet – $8.95

Headband – $5.00

Boy’s Dressy Outfit -  Crazy8

Pants – $24.95

Shirt – $16.95

Sweater Vest – $22.95

Shoes – $16.99

Girl’s Casual OutfitHanna Andersson

Dress – $19.00

Shoes – $74.00

Necklace – $10.00

Bracelet – $8.00

Headband – $8.00

Boy’s Casual OutfitThe Gap

Shorts – $26.36

Shirt – $16.50

Shoes – $19.50

Wardrobe Wednesday {Flatter Your Figure–Hourglass}

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

I love this Wardrobe Wednesday “flatter your figure” series by Kelly of Kelly V Photography! I was especially excited for this installment, because I am quite curvy and definitely the hourglass shape!! Kelly’s put together some awesome advice, complete with samples. Check it out!

Time for another spotlight on how to dress each one of the four female body shapes! In the process, I’ll discuss what to look for when shopping, as well as what to avoid. The goal is to help you accentuate your best features when it comes to picking an outfit for your portrait session whether you’re a pear, apple, hourglass or rectangle.

I’ve already featured the pear shape, which you can find here, and the apple shape, which you can find here. Next up? Hourlass!


Typically hourglass-shaped women have:

Symmetrical shoulders and hips

A full and shapely bust

A distinctly defined waist

Shapely legs

The world is your closet

If you have an hourglass figure, count your blessings! The hourglass is considered to be the ideal female shape. Since balance is always the goal, and you have it naturally, your overall figure is the easiest to dress because most things look great on you. But there are a few things you can do to accentuate your curves without adding bulk to your shoulders and hips.


Look for tops that accentuate your bust and waist such as V-necks, scoop necks and especially wraps. You can’t go wrong with almost any length, either. Fitted tops that sit at your waist, as well as those that are a little longer will all work to emphasize your curves. And halter tops are a great way to show off your shapely shoulders. Solids and patters are both equally flattering, but think simple and subtle if you want to appear slimmer. When selecting a jacket, you could opt for short or long — just be sure it’s fitted at the waist to show it off.


Your ideal pants will be cut for larger hips and taper in at the waist. You can certainly pull off the “skinny jean” look, but for overall balance — particularly with timeless pieces like a pair of black dress pants — look for those that are slightly flared at the leg or even a wide leg. Mid-rise pants are the way to go, especially if you’re carrying a little extra weight in the tummy area. But, again, you have the body type that can pull off all of the latest looks whether it’s super low-rise or even high-waisted. So go for it and don’t be afraid to take a risk if you’re the trendy type!

Skirts and dresses

Here’s where you can really play up your shapely silhouette! Choose skirts that hug your curves and give you a smooth fit at the waistline, such as a knee-length pencil skirt. You can also go bold with shorter options to show off those legs. For dresses, you’ll never go wrong with a wrap, fitted halters or even the strapless look. If you want something with a little flare, go with an A-line skirt or dress, just be sure that the top is fitted to balance it out.


You have great legs, so show them off! For you, the sky is the limit, so feel free to experiment with wedges, straps, pointy toes, peep toes — you name it! And you’re one of the lucky girls who can pull off that sexy stiletto heel without looking off balance.

What to Avoid

Stay away from anything that hides your beautiful curves and turns you into a shapeless line. Tops and bottoms that are too big and baggy will only make you look frumpy. You’ll also want to stay away from straight lines in almost anything including jackets, jeans and skirts. Avoid tops with big prints, ruffles or too many details around the bust area because it will make you look larger and throw off your natural proportions.

I’m a tad behind w/ Wardrobe Wednesday, so please excuse the multiple WW posts!



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