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Wardrobe Wednesday {Flatter Your Figure–Part 2}

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Ladies…it’s time for another installment of Wardrobe Wednesday–flatter your figure! Kelly of Kelly V. Photography did a fantastic job of showing those with an “apple” body type what (and what NOT) to wear to best flatter your figure for your photo session. I’ll let Kelly take it away…


The last time it was my turn for a Wardrobe Wednesday post, I promised to highlight each one of the four female body shapes – pear, apple, hourglass and rectangle — and discuss what to look for when shopping, as well as what to stay away from. Because, lets face it: We’d all like to accentuate our best features and subtly hide the ones we’re not so fond of — especially when it comes to picking clothes for a portrait session.

I’ve already featured the pear shape, which you can find here. Next up? Apples!


Typically apple-shaped women have:

  • A fuller face and neck
  • Broader shoulders
  • Fuller breasts
  • A fuller, undefined waist
  • Narrow hips
  • A flat rear end
  • Shapley legs

It’s all about balance
The goal is to lengthen and elongate your torso in effort to slim the appearance of your shoulders and waist. Ideally, you want to draw attention away from the tummy area and draw attention to your best attributes which include your breasts and legs. Focusing on your assets and emphasizing your positives will make you look slimmer.

There are certainly going to be lots of options at almost every women’s clothing store, but when it comes to apple shapes, simple is best. I searched a variety of retailers to compile the following suggestions just to give you a visual idea of what to look for when shopping:

For apple-shaped women, start with the right bra. Your breasts are one of your best features, so make sure you have the support you need. You have lots of options when it comes to tops. Look for V necklines, which will pull the eye away from your shoulders. Wrap-around tops are also an excellent choice. Look for shirts that have a cinched waist. And this year’s big belt trend is perfect for you! Belts slim down your tummy and give the illusion of a smaller waist. Concentrate on choosing tops with darker solid colors. If you want a little pattern, find something that is darker around the midsection with a pattern at the top, bringing the eye up toward your chest and face and diverting attention from your middle.

You want to choose jeans that have a flat front and a rise that is lower than your natural waist. (Basically opt for low-rise jeans without pleats or crazy front pockets.) On the flip side, look for jeans that have back pockets with flaps. This will help give some curve to a flatter rear. Jeans with subtle fading will add shape to your thighs. Boot-cut and flared legs will give you a longer, leaner look. When in doubt, apples look best in simple designs, rather than overly excessive details.

Skirts and dresses
Play up those nice legs with shorter skirts! About 1 to 5 inches above the knee is perfect. Skirts should be fitted at the waist and flare toward the hem line. This will balance out your top and bottom by giving you more of an hourglass figure. Dresses should have gathers under the breast to direct all eyes to your waist. Textures like chiffon and silk are great options for your skirts. Here’s where you can get a little crazy with bolder colors and patterns — just keep them on your lower half.

You can wear a chunkier heel. This will actually help balance you upper body. Wedges are a perfect shoe for you. If you are shorter, pointy-toed shoes will give the appearance of a longer leaner look. Avoid stiletto heels becaues they will make you look out of proportion. Sleek shoes with a thicker heel will work better visually.

What to avoid
Stay away from tops that are too baggy and have puffy or full sleeves. They will only make your shoulders and arms look bigger. Avoid bold patterns above your waist. A wild print will make you look big and wide on top, which is the opposite of what you should strive for. never wear bottoms that are too tight because this will also make you look bigger on top. Never wear pants that have a pleated front and avoid high-waisted pants entirely. Stay away from jeans with very dark washes as it will only make your hips appear smaller. And, finally, stay away from tapered legs. You’ll only make your top half appear bigger than it is. Oh, and not like this is an issue, but NO SHOULDER PADS. One word: Linebacker.

Wardrobe Wednesday {Chasing Fireflies}

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Raise your hand if you enjoy styles that are fun, whimsical…maybe a bit different?!?!? I know I do! Especially when it comes to my children. I have been checking out…visiting…ok ok, stalking Chasing Fireflies website for quite some time now. I finally caved in and got THE cutest summer outfit for my daughter (that’s her crazy self on the left!).

We coordinated a dress for her BFF and I shot an adorable shoot with them just being silly together. Since then, I’ve been stalking their site for new items.

When I realized I was up for the Wardrobe Wednesday {where fashion meets photography} post, I HAD to spotlight some of their cute stuff! I put together four different “looks” from their site.

Looks #1 and #2 are color coordinated, as are looks #3 and #4. The thing I love MOST about Chasing Fireflies is that you can find EVERYTHING you need there. You need coordinating tights? They have them! Hair accessories? Yup! Shoes? YES! If you have time to shop around, more power to ya, otherwise, you can experience one stop shopping at Chasing Fireflies! Take a look for yourself and see if you can resist the cuteness! Happy browsing…shopping…buying!

SHOPPING GUIDE--all items can be found online at Chasing Fireflies!

$58. pocket vest
$20. oxford cloth shirt
$28. little levi’s
$30. low top chuck taylors


$78. floral ruffle dress
$24. lace-trim leggings
$28. glitter flower plum cloche
$110. button ugg boots


$78. dots of fun dress
$28. squiggly embroidered tights
$68. brown suede mary janes
$28. velvet flower headwrap


$58. reversible 99 vest
$34. rugged henley
$30. low top chuck taylors


Wardrobe Wednesday {Rock On}

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

This week’s rockin’ compilation was put together by a guest contributor, Jessica Paxson! But first, here’s a word from Wardrobe Wednesday’s very own Morgan Dawson!

‘Every few weeks we invite a fellow photographer to be a guest contributor. I’ve been following Jessica Paxson’s work for some time now, and immediately thought she would be a fun addition to our lineup. What makes her unique is the attention to detail she puts into her shoots. Sessions often have a theme, and she isn’t afraid to think outside the box. What I personally find difficult is striking a balance between doing too little – and doing too much when it comes to styling a shoot. You want to convey a theme or feeling, but avoid looking hokey or tacky. While the easy thing to do is play it safe, a well thought-out look can really take your photos to the next level.

This session from Jessica helped inspire a recent shoot of my own. The mother wanted to take some photos of her son in a relaxed setting. Knowing how much he loves to paint, we decided to make that our theme. We talked about the shoot for weeks, gathered materials, and asked friends and family if we could borrow props. On the day of the shoot we met each other with two cars full of options – it was great! What resulted was a totally unique session and a photo neither of us will forget. Bottom line – the more effort you put into your shoot – be it wardrobe or props – the more personal and rewarding the final image will be.

Before I let Jessica introduce herself, I’ll show you the image that inspired her this week. Rock on!’

Hello, hello everyone! My name is Jessica Paxson of Jessica Paxson Photography :) First off I have to thank all the ladies at Wardrobe Wednesday for asking me to do a guest spot! I’m really excited and I hope you enjoy the looks I put together for you.

I chose to do a family look because those are the type of sessions I enjoy most. There is just something about capturing the love a family has for each other that really makes me love this job — probably because I am a mother myself of three amazing little boys, and there is nothing I love more than when I get a shot of the boys just being their crazy, fun loving, sweet, silly, ornery selves, and being able to capture that moment and keep it forever!

For today’s looks I’m sharing with you a little bit of a rock & roll theme, because let’s all face it, who wouldn’t love to be a rock star for a day? The looks I’ve chose can all be found at Gap and Piperlime. Enjoy :)

Center Seam Dolman Sweater $49.50
Boyfriend Jean $69.50
Lightwash Lip Scarf $29.50
Black Denim Lip Tote $39.50
Naughtey Monkey (Rugged Racy) Shoes $89.00
Hive & Honey Antique Button Ring $22.00
Hive & Honey Stud Stretch Bracelet $32.00
Hive and Honey Leather Wrap Bracelet $24.00
Jefferson Cord Blazer $88.00
Merino Hoodie $69.50
The New Crewneck “T” $16.50
Authentic Fit Jeans (deconstructed vintage) $49.99
Slub Knit Beanie $16.50
Converse Check taylor (specialty ox) $50
Young Boy
Skull Sweater $39.50
Heather Plaid Flannel $26.50
Slub knit beanie $16.50
Creative Recreation (Cesario XVI) Shoes $35.99
Young Girl
Admirals Jacket $42.50
Ruched turtleneck $16.50
Solid Tights $10.50
Charcoal Bloomers $29.50
Headband $7.50
Jessica Simpson (lilana) Boots $55.00
Baby Boy
Wool Moto Jacket $44.50
Mini Skinny Jeans (black wash) $29.50
Mohawk Fleece Hat $12.50
Skull Scarf $24.50
Sriped Sweater $24.50
Creative Reaction (testa toddler) Shoes $43.99
Baby Girl
Moto Jacket $29.50
Tiered Ruffle Tutu $26.50
Tight n shoes $12.99

Striped Boatneck Sweater $12.99

Totally cute ideas and DIFFERENT! Dare to be different for your session…it might be fun!


Wardrobe Wednesday {Fall–Couples}

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Living in Florida is hard this time of year for me. I LOVE the Fall and I truly miss that season. That’s why I love this post so much! Stephanie did such an amazing job coordinating this week’s post. LOVE the greens!

Fall can be such a wonderful time of year to capture the true love at heart. The last couple of weeks we have showcased great wardrobes selections for dressing the families for fall photos. This week, we’ve decided to showcase the “couple” as family or engaged. As a wedding photographer, I love capturing the story of engaged couples during the fall season. For most, this is the opposite time of year that they’ll be married and adds as a great contrast to their wedding day photos. Not only is this a great time to capture the love, it’s also a fabulous time to capture the colors of fall. With the leave changing to bright orange, yellow, and red; you can truly have a variety of color added to your wardrobe selection. In this week’s Wardrobe Wednesday {where fashion meets photography}, I’ve decided to showcase two different selections for your fall “couple” photos.
First we have our classic dressy yet somewhat urban selection that highlights the couple against the colors of fall. With the darker colors, you’ll truly stand out from the vibrant colors and allow your love story to be the highlight of your session. Not only will this selection allow you as the couple to be showcased, it also adds a bit of a the romantic european feel. Imagine yourself being amongst the hustle and bustle of urban lifestyle with beautiful brick and colorful trees surround. This selection can be worn with or without the jackets and can certainly be dressed up with beautiful accessories
Selection number two is more of a full fall attire. With the earthy tones and sweaters your able to capture the true feeling of fall and cuddling next to one another to keep warm. You can choose to go with adding pattern as you see in the selection seen here or change it up a bit with solid more simplified colors. Either way, you’re story will be told as a whole with the feel of the fall in love season.
I always try to express to my engaged or couple clients that your wardrobe represents you and your love story. So make sure to pick an attire that will allow your love together to be captured and featured as your story before your future “family” photos. With fall as your backdrop, the colors will pop regardless. What you want is to showcase your love and life together before children and other life’s responsibilities. Best of luck to you and if you ever need some suggestions, please feel free to contact any of us at Wardrobe Wednesday {where fashion meets photography}!

Look No. One
Crossover Dolman Blouse $59.50 Gap
Curvy Jean $69.50 Gap
Ruffle Collar Coat $59.50 Gap
Velvet Blazer $98.00 Gap
End on end tailored shirt $29.99
Standard fit jeans $54.50
Look No. Two
Cropped Toggle “Jet Sweater” $30.00 Old Navy
Long perfect tank $6.97 Old Navy
Diva skinny jean $29.50 Old Navy
McNeff boots $140.00 Aldo
Argyle v-neck sweater $16.00 Old Navy
Loose fit jeans $29.50 Old Navy
Yaden shoes $60.00 Aldo

Wardrobe Wednesday What to Wear {Coordinating Fall Colors for Extended Famlies}

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Have you checked out the new facebook Wardrobe Wednesday page? There are FABULOUS tips and links regarding what to wear for your custom portrait photoshoot! This week, we are highlighting fall colors and extended families.

Thank you to Erica May of Erica May Photography for putting together this wonderful post in a pinch. My hard drive crashed and it was MY week, but Erica stepped up to the plate and saved me. xoxo

We have had a lot of questions lately on our new facebook page Wardrobe Wednesday {where fashion meets photography} lately on how to coordinate a group of 5 or more for pictures. It is definitely more challenging to coordinate a wardrobe for a larger group but it is possible! I recently had my very own extended family session which was photographed by another Wardrobe Wednesday contributor, Lindsay Horn. I was in charge of coordinating my family’s wardrobe and the pressure was on to find us some great outfits! I am lucky in the fact that my mom and sister live close by so we could all go shopping together which helped but it would be possible to coordinate from a distance too. It is so worth it to take the time to coordinate your clothing. And try to stay away from all wearing the same color as it makes you all blend in together and it does not create any depth or interesting features. I doubt you all sit around in black t-shirts at your family gatherings so why wear it to a photo shoot? Here are a few key things to remember when trying to put your wardrobe together.

1.) Choose 3 or more colors to make up the color scheme. It is a lot harder for 5 or more people to not be too matchey when there are only two colors to choose from. For our group we chose Burgundy, Blue, Browns, and Denims. As you can see that leaves a lot of color choices for the group to pick from. Having everyone incorporate two or more colors makes the group look well rounded and pulled together.

2.) Layer, Layer, Layer!! Instead of everyone wearing a solid color shirt mix up the color by layering. This allows two people standing next to each other not to blend in and adds a lot of dimension to the photograph. Layers and textures can add a lot to the ensemble.

3.) If you can, choose a centerpiece. It is always easier to decorate a room when you have one colorful piece (whether it be artwork, a vase, a chair, etc…) and the same goes for photo shoots. In our instance we only had one child in the photo so we choose his outfit for the centerpiece. We bought him a colorful outfit and then pulled all of our colors from that. If you don’t have children in the photos you could always use a colorful scarf or jewelry to be your centerpiece.

4.) Dress the hardest people first. Women’s outfits are usually way harder to find than the guys shirts so dress all the women first. That way you can wait and see what colors you need to fill in and buy the guy’s shirts last. After we bought my mom’s outfit, we bought my sister’s outfit, and then we bought mine because I am the least picky about clothes =P.

5.) Don’t forget accessories! Belts, jewelry, shoes, and scarves are all great accessories for adding a splash of color that you might not be daring enough to wear all over.

6.) Have fun with it and try not to stress! Try not to wait till the last minute to do this either that way you are not stressed out and you have time to shop for bargains or hard to find items. You don’t have to spend a ton of money. Most of our clothes came from Kohls, Dillards, JcPenney, and Baby Gap.

Shopping Guide (from left to right):

Only a description and store is provided on this Shopping Guide since items were purchased more than a month ago. Although you may not be able to find the same tops at these stores you can very easily find something similar.

My husband:
Brown Undershirt from Kohls
Denim Polo Shirt from JcPenney
Jeans from JcPenney

Brown sweater from Kohls
Burgundy Top from Eddie Bauer
Jeans from Kohls
Boots from DSW shoes warehouse

Burgundy Shirt from JcPenney

Camel Cardigan and Navy tank from Coldwater Creek
Jeans from Coldwater Creek

Tristan (cute adorable little man):
Shirts: Baby Gap
Jeans: Baby Gap
Shoes: Cranberry Converse from

My beautiful sister:
Shirt and Belt from Dillards

My Brother-in-law
shirt from Kohls

I hope this inspires some of you who have upcoming shoots! Happy Wednesday and Happy FALL!


Wardrobe Wednesday {style it YOUR way}

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

WARNING LADIES: I am almost certain this post will result in at least 30 minutes of shopping distraction! Let’s blame it on the fabulous Rebecca of Rebecca Keeling Studios for her fabulous post and awesome resource information!

sorry guys, but sometimes it IS all about the girls. what’s that age-old saying? “if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” well, the same holds true when it comes to family photographs. it’s a BIG event, and even though dad and the kids get to throw on their outfits and just make it to the car in the knick of time, mom has probably put countless hours planning, preparing, and pulling-off this well-orchestrated event. and after it’s all over, who is the person who proofs, chooses, and orders the family photos? probably mom!! so, i think it’s only fitting that mom takes center stage when starting to coordinate the family wardrobe, and build everyone else’s outfits around her. where to start, you say??

HHEELLLLOOOOOOO piperlime!! you may remember piperlime from back in the day, when they first started out just selling shoes. i LOVED getting boxes from them…it was like getting two gifts in one because they had the GREATEST packaging…and i am ALL about the details! they had cool green boxes and tissue paper with little limes on it. so cool!! NOW, not only do they still do shoes, but they also have a fabulous selection of hip, stylish, and affordable clothing for women. there is SO much to see on the piperlime site. under the women’s section, there are “headlines” and “top trends” sections to keep you in-the-know for the latest seasonal fashions. but, my absolute MOST favorite thing about piperlime, other than their FAB clothing/shoes/accessories, is the “style it your way” feature. it can be a little tricky to find at first…you have to check out the scrolling colored bars at the top of the page, but it’s well worth the look!! with the “style it your way” feature, you can choose from a variety of the latest tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes, and accessories to create your very own outfit. not only can you select your own model, you can even select the background that you would like to see your outfit paired with!! having your family photo session in your home? got it! urban location? done! flowers/trees/grass? yep! AND…they even have a fall foliage background!! BONUS!!
{add fall1.gif here}

even if you don’t find exactly what you want in the wardrobe selections, it’s an invaluable tool to see the outfit while getting ideas on color and textures. fall is a great time to start layering your wardrobe and sometimes it can be a tricky process. the “style it your way” feature lets you do that, and more! tuck or untuck your jeans into your boots, tuck or untuck your shirt, open or close your jacket or cardigan…the possibilities are limitless! after you whip up your wardrobe, you can save your “look” for future reference, and you can even share your “look” on facebook if you want feedback from your friends! and since piperlime is owned by the same company as banana republic, gap, and old navy, their handy links are right at the top of the page, so you can head over to their stores to complete the outfits for your family! so get going…after all, shopping for your family portrait session should be half of the fun! :)

shopping guide:

old navy blazer: $49.50
gap undershirt: $17.99
gap boot cut jeans: $64.50
gap leather belt: $34.50

gap sweater: $36.50
old navy skirt: $16.50
cwd kids leggings: $20
piperlime naturino boots: $86

old navy shirt: $14.50
old navy pants: $17.50
piperlime sketchers shoes: $38

Oh how I long for the fall. And guess what? It may have made an early arrival here in SW Florida! :)

Wardrobe Wednesday {Spotlight on Tea Collection}

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

I am SO excited for this week’s post as this is one of my all time favorite clothing line for children! Morgan Dawson, of Morgan Dawson Photography has put together some awesome looks from Tea Collection! I’ll let you tell her all about it!

Morgan says:

No matter where you live, the weather is changing every day. Here in upstate New York, the weather the past few days has ranged from the low 50s to the upper 80s with sun, rain and blowing wind.

With things so unpredictable, how do you figure out what to wear for your fall photos?

Flexibility. Layers. Coordinating looks.

You’re probably thinking, “That’s easier said than done!” Don’t worry, I’ve got it all figured out… with a little help from a new favorite store: Tea Collection.

Tea Collection, founded in San Francisco in 2002, offers children’s fashions with the tagline “For little citizens of the world.” They offer two labels: the signature, globally-inspired Collection, and their mix-and-match play clothes called Daily Tea. This season’s Collection is inspired by Old World Hungary, with Spain coming up next spring. Trust me, it’s really cute stuff.

I had a difficult time picking out the outfits below, but only because there were so many options! Most of the items pictured come in sizes for children 6 months to 11 years old, but babies and women (yes, us!) are also represented. As you can see, it’s easy to add a sweater or jacket on top, or leggings and tights on the bottom if the temperature drops. A few items – like the blue sweater, cuffed pants and shoes – are unisex. To make things even easier, Tea has created several “Daily Tea” mix-and-match sets (like a 6-piece coordinated set of three tops and three bottoms for $129) and their “Wear Now Layer Later” collections for girls. How brilliant is that!

Total flexibility mixed with one-stop shopping. What more can you ask for? I hope you have as much fun with it as we are.


Like what you see? Head over to our NEW Wardrobe Wednesday {where fashion meets photography} Facebook page for a chance to win a $100.00 gift certificate from Tea Collection!

What are you waiting for? Click on the Wardrobe Wednesday icon above to visit our FB page now! :)

Wardrobe Wednesday {Playing Dress Up}

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Well…I guess we’ll call this Wardrobe Thursday? Sorry for the late post but this one is SO much fun! This week we have a guest contributor, Kristi Flower of Kendall’s Media in Utah. What she has to say is SO true and something to think about for you brides to be!

FIVE reasons every bride should have bridal portraits taken BEFORE her wedding day:

1. Playing dress-up is FUN. When was the last time you played dress-up?

2. Practice makes perfect. This is the day you will practice your hairstyle, make-up and “wearing” your gown. It’s a great trial run for the wedding day!

3. You can Experiment. Get crazy on the day of your bridals. Add a hairpiece or wear red lipstick! Do something you might not dare to do on your actual wedding day!

4. You get to spend time with your mom, mother-in-law and friends. I always recommend you bring your entourage!

5. It’s ALL about YOU! You deserve to have one day of being pampered and ohhh and awwww’d over!

Below is an example of a recent bridal shoot; I did with the beautiful Taeler. She started the shoot with a glamorous look, golden eyes and nude lips! She also wore the jewelry she planned on wearing on her wedding day. A beautiful cuff bracelet and Crystal oval drop earrings from Nadri. Her jewelry was a shower gift from her mother. Taeler wanted a classic look on her wedding day but also wanted to showcase her great grandmother’s vintage costume jewelry. Instead of adding one more thing on the wedding day we decided we would incorporate the jewelry in her bridals. We did this in her second look, its what I call “Vintage love”. We achieved this by applying red lipstick, a black feather hairpiece (I found at forever 21) and her great grandmother’s vintage costume jewelry. Taeler had NEVER worn red lipstick and was a little timid about it, however, after seeing her photos she was super happy that she tried something different. The third look we changed locations and she really let her hair down. She wanted a more urban feel. I found a beautiful turquoise garage (car repair shop). She really let loose and had a fabulous time dancing and flipping her hair around! In a matter of two hours we achieved three totally different looks! Simple changes can make a dramatic difference!

Helpful Tips for a smooth sailing bridal session:
1. Schedule your bridal session at least six to eight weeks before your wedding date.
2. When scheduling your hair and make-up allow for at least three hours.
3. Bring the following items in a bag to your bridal session:
* comfy shoes
* a white sheet
* baby wipes
* make-up
* hair spray
* water
* snacks
* comb or brush
* jewelry

4. If you’re planning on having a floral bouquet in your portraits, order it at least a week in advance. Pick it up a couple of hours before your session.
5. Invite people you feel comfortable around!
6. Bring your ipod.
7. Make sure you eat, even if it’s an apple and lettuce! A lightheaded bride= a cranky bride!
8. Make sure you have your bridal gown, slip, bustier and shoes.
9. Review fashion magazine or bridal magazines to get an idea about posing. Your photographer will always guide you but it doesn’t hurt to have your own moves.
10. Have FUN!!

Vintage look
MAC Cosmetics
Pro Longwear SPF 10 foundation…$29.50
MAC Cosmetics
Bronzing Powder…Golden…$22.00
MAC Cosmetics
MAC Cosmetics
Eye Kit…Trip: 4 bronze eyes and cheeks…$32.00
Eye liner:
Sephora Collection
Long lasting eye liner…deep black…$10.00
False eyelashes:
MAC Cosmetics
6 lash…$14.00
Lashfusion XL Micro Technology Instant lash Volumizer…black…$10.00
Kat Von D
Adora painted red lipstick…$18.00
Achieve a subtler look by changing your lipstick.
Sephora Collection
Lip attitude Star…$12.00
Sephora Collection
Ultra Shine Lip gloss
Shiny Natural look…$14.00

Jewelry and hair accessory

Hair accessory:
Forever 21
vintage black feather hairpiece
Black feather headband was purchased at forever 21…$4.80
Nadri Constellation Oval earrings…$58.00
Designer is Nadri and can be purchased at Nordstrom
A similar bracelet is Nadri Fine Points Chrystal bangel…$158.00
Vintage earrings:
Taeler’s great grandmother’s
Great place to find vintage costume jewelry search vintage costume jewelry
Vintage diamond necklace:
Taeler’s great grandmother’s
Fun costume jewelry can be found on and I’ve had great luck with
Taeler’s Wedding Gown:
Gateway Bridal in Salt Lake City, Utah
Taeler’s Hair and Make-Up Artist
Lezlee Jones…The Salon in Bountiful, Utah

Wardrobe Wednesday {What to Wear for Extended Family Portraits}

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Who’s gearing up for their annual extended family shoot?!?! Worried about how to coordinate every single one of you?!?! Lindsay Horn of Lindsay Horn Photography has some FAB U LOUS ideas! Check out what she has to say and look at her beautiful extended family pic! See how well everyone coordinates but doesn’t necessarily match?

So you’ve been reading our posts every week and have gotten really knowledgeable about dressing your family for your portrait session, right? And then it happens ….about every 5-10 years everyone gets together for an EXTENDED family portrait session. Don’t panic, I know what you are thinking: “How in the world will we coordinate (and not match) different groups of people who may not even live in the same place? It’s impossible. That’s it, white shirts and jeans it is.” NOOOOOO! It’s not impossible, I promise! I just went through this lovely process with my own extended family, and I’m going to help you do it too, step by step.

1) Get everyone on board. This will be a team effort, so you need to have a pep talk with everybody and make sure they are all on the same page. Make sure everyone understands what you are trying to do – show them examples from these posts to help give them an idea of the “coordinated” look we always try to achieve. Let them see that they won’t be disappointed in the results!

2) Do your research. Before picking a color scheme, I suggest actually going around to some stores and seeing what colors are “in” at the time. We did NOT do this, and it didn’t take walking out of too many stores empty-handed to realize that purple was the color of the season, and our chosen burgundy accent was hardly anywhere to be found. Doing a little research ahead of time will make it so much easier in the long run.

3) Pick a color scheme. In my opinion, it’s easiest with larger extended family groups to keep your color choices simple, leaving less room for error. We picked some basic neutral colors (cream, taupe, and denim) and then used burgundy for our accent color. Simple works well, but also be specific when needed. We chose taupe and not “browns” because I don’t think a dark brown would have looked nearly as good among the other colors. Once you’ve made a choice, communicate it clearly to the rest of the group. We actually pulled some of these colors out of my mom’s closet, took an iPhone picture, and sent it to everyone else along with some written notes. Visuals never hurt! J

4) Raid your closet, hit the stores, and keep your receipts! It’s important to have options, especially if everyone lives in different places and you can’t check things out in advance. We arranged to meet at my parent’s house an hour before leaving for the session so we could see what everyone came up with and make final wardrobe decisions. We each came with more than one option in case there was color-clashing, too much of one color, etc. Yes, that means I made a round of returns the following week, but it was worth the peace of mind knowing we had our bases covered. If you can’t meet in one place, just plan on getting to the session early – you can always change in your car if needed.

FINAL TIPS: First, our usual “rules of thumb” still apply – textures, layers, and accessories all make for a great outfit. Secondly, make sure your family unit looks well-coordinated alone as you’ll likely be taking some individual family pictures too. What looks good as a part of the large group may not necessarily look good in a smaller unit (for example, if you are all wearing a different color). That brings me to my final tip – use your accessories wisely. Particularly if you happen to be wearing mostly neutral colors, let your accessories add the accent color, which will help seamlessly tie your look into everyone else’s. Below, you can see we used red and cream jewelry, a red tank top, and a giant red flower bow to do this, and the pops of color here and there really make a difference. So, with all of that said, here’s the final product (thank you Erica May)! I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out, and what I love most about it is that it looks like US – as in we don’t typically hang out together in matching white shirts and jeans, and I bet you don’t either. :)

Shopping List – I’ll only list what my family unit wore to keep this from turning into a book, but the majority of everyone else’s outfits were from Target, Kohl’s, and Nordstrom Rack (my new FAVORITE store).

ME (Second from the left)

Tank top – Nordstrom Rack

Jeans – Gap

Jewelry – Necklaces (Claire’s); Earrings & Bracelets (not shown, but cute! J Dillard’s on sale)


Button-up shirt – J Crew (Clearance)

Khaki shorts – Old Navy


Top – Baby Gap (Clearance)

Jean Skirt – Old Navy

Sandals – Target

Red Bow – Claire’s

If you’re still thinking about booking a family session for the holidays….stop thinking and act fast! I have only a few sessions available!

Wardrobe Wednesday {Flatter Your Figure-Part 1}

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Oh how I LOVE this week’s installment of Wardrobe Wednesday! Our Wardrobe Wednesday posts are all fine and dandy IF you can pull off the look. But what good does it do if we post something that will flatter a super thin person, and not a more shapely person? Kelly Valeri of Kelly V. Photography in Pennsylvania will be clearing that dilemma up with a series of what to wear for your body type! This installment’s featured body type is PEAR.

Read what she has to say!

We’ve all seen feature articles in fashion magazines and even TV talk show segments about how to choose the right bathing suit for your body type, but what about regular clothes? Certain types of clothing definitely flatter particular body types. And lets face it, we’d all like to accentuate our best features and subtly hide the ones we’re not so fond of — especially when it comes to picking clothes for a portrait session.

With that in mind, when it’s my turn to do Wardrobe Wednesday for the next few rounds, I’m going to highlight each one of the four female body shapes — pear, apple, hourglass and rectangle — and discuss what to look for when shopping, as well as what to stay away from.


Typically pear-shaped women have:

  • A long or slender neck
  • Sloping or narrow shoulders
  • Narrow back
  • Small to medium bust
  • Defined waist
  • Curvy hips and backside
  • Full thighs and calves
It’s all about balance
Ideally, giving the appearance of wider shoulders and a bigger bust will help take attention off the widest part of the body and bring the eyes up to your face, neck, bust and waist. Overplay your upper body and give your lower body a slimmer, sleeker look by using color on top, wide necklines, accentuate your waist and wear dark colors on the bottom.

For pear-shaped women, think details when it comes to tops. Prints, textured fabrics, great necklines and bright colors all help balance your lower half. Tanks with cute ruffled sleeves or wide-set straps will help to visually widen the chest and shoulders. Look for necklines that are scooped, draped, come to a V, rounded or squared. Halter tops will also add width to your shoulders and get that balance mentioned earlier.

Undoubtedly there are going to be lots of options at almost every women’s clothing store, but when it comes to pear shapes, no one does it better in my opinion than Ann Taylor. All of the following outfits are from this fall’s Loft collection:

Look for pants that are flared or have a wide leg. This will help hide thicker thighs. Go for mid-rise dark jeans (the darker the better) and dark pants. This gives the illusion of a slimmer hips and bottoms.

Here are some great flared pants and dark-washed jeans perfect for pear shapes:

Skirts and dresses
When dressing up, try to achieve the same balance. Look for A-line skirts and loose-fitting, drapy fabric in dark, solid colors and subtle patterns. Dresses with an empire waist or a wrap dress that is tighter-fitting on top and flows over your bottom half is ideal.

And you don’t necessarily need to be afraid of all-around color. The center example is a great option for pear shapes that really would play up your curves.

What to avoid
Stay away from body-hugging bottoms like tight skirts, skinny jeans or pants with a tapered leg. Those clothes will only accentuate the widest part of your body. Also avoid straight, floor-length skirts. The skirt starts wide at your hips and gives you one, thick straight block of fabric all the way to the ground.

Avoid bold, bright colors and attention-grabbing patterns on the bottom, as well as high-waisted pants, which tend to make your hips look larger. Jeans with too many details at the top such as extra pockets or embroidery should also be avoided.

Also stay away from straight, shapless jackets that stop at the widest part of your hips.

I am loving the variety of samples and ideas! I hope you do, too…and I hope this has helped all of you pear shaped individuals out there get an idea of what you’d like to wear for your photoshoot!



All Images Copyright Shannon J Dodge Photography | Blog Theme Created by LJP & SLR Lounge