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Wardrobe Wednesday {Curvy Girls}

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Hello all of you gorgeous, curvy girls! We’ve had some requests for what to wear for the fuller figured or curvy ladies out there recently. I am well versed in this area, since I am definitely curvy. :)

Before I offer all of those tips and tricks that work for me, I decided to do a little bit of research first. Here are some fabulous tips to keep in mind, plus some great tips that work for me:

  • 1. wear clothes that FIT! clothing that is too large can make you look larger and sloppy. clothing that is too tight can accentuate areas you don’t want highlighted. :)
  • 2. navy and black are very forgiving, but don’t forgot to pop color with a belt, scarf, necklace, earrings or shoes!
  • 3. just because it’s trendy, doesn’t mean it’s right for YOU. choose trendy clothing carefully.
  • 4. wear the right UNDERWEAR! find bras that fit and are smooth to round out those curves and compliment them.
  • 5. if you have an hourglass figure, play it up! wear belts and find clothing that cinches at the waist.
  • 6. if you are larger on top and smaller on the bottom, balance it out by wearing jeans or pants that flare a bit but are fitted through your hips. wear something on top that skirts over your larger areas.
  • 7. wear v-neck and tops that dip a bit. open up your neck and chest area. it draws more attention to your face by opening up that entire area.
  • 8. this goes for everyone: accessorize! wear large earrings that attract attention to your face or a cute belt that draws attention to your waist if that’s one of your smaller areas.
  • 9. wear heels! it makes you appear taller and elongates your legs. :)

Now that we’ve gone through those, let’s take a look at what I’ve put together! Remember these are just guidelines and suggestions. If you like what you see, visit the links posted below the photos for details on where to buy these fabulous items!

First up, a curvy mom plus family compilation.

I started with the mom. A long maxi (with spanx underneathe) can be very slimming as it skims over a lot of problem areas. Chevron stripes are very “in” right now and I thought this black and white number was very cute. Pop it with a little yellow on top (which will also cover your arms if that’s an issue), some large earrings and either flip flops or wedges. From there I moved onto the girl’s outfit. I found this adorable dress with different colors in it. Pulled the pink out by adding pink sandals…which brings me to the boy. I wanted to incorporate some more pink so I found this handsome striped polo. Who says boys can’t wear pink? Not me. :) Gray shorts went really well with this shirt and then tied right in with Dad’s gray shirt. Pair Dad’s shirt with some jeans and you have a no fuss outfit for him…because everybody knows Dad’s REALLY enjoy photoshoots (insert sarcasm). Make it easy on him, mkay? Click HERE to view details about the clothing, including price and where to buy.

And a few more examples for curvy ladies. The outfit on the left cinches at the waist and skirts over any bulges that may be occurring up top. Pair it with some fitted white jeans and a colored wedge. SUPER cute necklace adds some pop and you’re ready to go! The dress on the right is adorable and comes in several different colors. It also cinches at the waist with a tie. This dress doesn’t need much more than some jewelry and shoes. Easy peasy. I chose wedges that were open across the ankle because it helps to elongate the legs and slim the ankle. If you have heavy legs, you’ll want to steer clear of any sandal that goes around your ankle. Click HERE to view details about the clothing, including price and where to buy.

The ladies of Wardrobe Wednesday are currently taking suggestions for future posts. If you have some, please feel free to comment on this post or on our Facebook page!


Wardrobe Wednesday {Mother/Daughter Sessions}

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Mother’s Day is just around the corner  and I bet many photographers-as well as clients-reading this have either had a mother/child session or wish they have had a mother/child session!  Mother and child sessions are by far my FAVORITE sessions to photograph, so I decided this week to put together a post in honor of mother’s day!

Last week one of our Wardrobe Wednesday contributors, Kelly, introduced us all to an entire new world of wardrobe planning via Polyvore! This site is AMAZING! I have not yet had time to truly explore it, but I bet what i’ve used it for so far only scratches the surface.

I found THE cutest little girl’s dress and fell in love. I found some shoes, accessories and an outfit for mom and voila! A cute compilation and not too costly, either!

I am just in love with the spring/summer colors in this “look”! (you’ll find links to buy below)

And for extra inspiration, I am posting of few of my clients’ wardrobes from my weekend of mom & me mini shoots. I was SO impressed with what everybody put together! They outfits compliment each other, without being too “matchy”. Success!






Click HERE for links for where to buy mom’s outfit (scroll over the item and click!).

Click HERE for links for where to buy the daughter’s outfit.

Those are links to the sets I created using Polyvore…my new obsession!

I urge you to check it out for yourself…and HAVE FUN!


Wardrobe Wednesday {Extended Family Sessions}

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012
I have had a lot of extended family inquiries recently and one common recurring question on Wardrobe Wednesday is “how should we dress for an extended family session?”. One common answer I always give is “not the same thing”. Whatever you do, steer clear of the white shirts and jeans look. It went out years ago if I may offer the brutal truth. Having said that, it doesn’t need to be a daunting task, either. Here is a post I wrote a year ago outlining how to coordinate an extended family wardrobe! :)
–pst, the shopping list is a bit out of date, but you get the idea ;)
Recently on the main Wardrobe Wednesday page on Facebook, we asked our most awesome and appreciated fans what they’d like to see from us. There was a decent amount of feedback, so thank you fans! One common theme that kept appearing was highlighting a multi generational or extended family shoot. Those can be really hard to coordinate, trust me! I decided to go ahead and put something together since I’ve had a few extended family shoots over the years. One thing to keep in mind with these large groups, is to encourage them to step away from the “all white and khaki”, or “all black and jean” look. While that may have been the “trend” in years past, it’s really outdated and well, just boring. Large groups or extended families CAN wear color and it looks fabulous! The two following extended family samples show just how you can integrate color into large family shoots. One family coordinated whites/khakis and blues! Navy blue, bright blue, aqua and even some yellow! It looks great on the beach, don’t you think?


This family did such a fabulous job pulling together all kinds of “warm” hues for their shoot! I love how they integrated yellows, oranges, eggplant, browns and even a splash of red.


Here is another sample from Wardrobe Wednesday contributor, Morgan Dawson. I love how they used the little girl’s dress and pulled other colors form it to coordinate. This is something I tell a lot of my clients to do! I will explain more in a bit.



I hear you asking “But where do I start?”. As I mentioned before, I often tell my clients to start w/ a female in the family. With multi generational family shoots, there is bound to be at least one little girl. Little girl clothes can be so much fun and so colorful. Find your little girl a colorful dress. Then “pull” colors from the dress. For example, for this compilation, I was inspired by all of the corals I was seeing in stores and online. I found the girl’s dress in Family 2 and LOVED the color combo. Soon, I was able to coordinate several more outfits using creams, aqua, and other coral colors. Remember: you do NOT all have to MATCH exactly. There are often coordinating colors you can use. For example, nowhere in the original dress was there an olive color. BUT, coral and olive coordinate, so I chose an olive colored dress for the mom in Family 1. Because mom’s dress was all one color, I chose a necklace and sandals that would pop with color! Accessories can be so important in your custom photo shoot. A colorful hat, shoes, necklace or scarf can do so much for an image that would normally not have much color or character.
So there you have it. Multi generational family shoots don’t have to be boring! Use color, coordinate accent colors and accessories. Don’t be afraid to mix subtle patterns and textures. But most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with it! There aren’t many times in your life that you’ll be able to get everybody together for a custom photo shoot. And if you can’t afford to hire a custom photographer, consider these alternatives: set up a tripod and use a remote,set your self timer OR ask a neighbor or a person passing by. Seize the moment and capture your time together!!






Chicos Travelers Linen Linda Crop Pant-Winter Drift–$79.00

Chicos Pure Linen Lexie Shirt-Seville Orange–$47.40


Luxe Touch Textured Stripe Polo–Gaki Brown–$49.50

Banana Republic Cotton Summer Plaid Short–Grey–$54.50

Calvin Klein Deauville Suede Loafer–Classic Khaki–$79.50



MOM  [Family 1]

Banana Republic Gathered Column Dress-Glen Olive–$79.99

Chicos Malini Necklace–$68.00

Marcia Knot Flat Sandal–Orange Peel–$79.00

DAD [Family 1]

Banana Republic Short Sleeve Pocket Shirt-Teal–$54.50


Cotton/Linen Cargo Short–$54.50

Crocs Santa Cruz Hemp–$32.50

GIRL [Family 1]

Embroidered Shift Dress–$42.95

Jessica Simpson Valentina (Youth)-$40.00

BOY [Family 1]

Boys Cargo Pocket Polo-Cilantro Butter–$12.99

Old Navy Boys Plaid Cargo Shorts-Marshmallow White–$16.50

Reef Kid’s Slap (youth)–$16.50

DAD [Family 2]

Banana Republic Micro Check Short-Sleeve Shirt–Burnt Orange–$54.50

Gap Cargo Shorts-Chino Cedar–$39.95


Keen Rockaway Flip–Shitake–$50.00

GIRL-[Family 2]

Gap Paisley Floral Print Dress-Aqua Blue Sky–$29.95

Kenneth Cole Reaction Kids Starting Shine-Light Gold–$40.00

BABY GIRL [Family 2]

Gap Metallic Heart Print Jumper–$29.95

Pediped Penny–Gold–$21.50


Wardrobe Wednesday {For the Photographer}

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

As a founder of Wardrobe Wednesday, it’s obvious I’m very passionate about offering my clients helpful information on how to look their very best for a portrait session. And I’m always interested to know how other photographers approach this topic, which is just one of the reasons I’m thrilled to share this week’s guest post from Andee of Crave Photography.

Andee details how she takes charge of her client communication, and she’s also extending a $50 discount off her online photoshop mentoring through May 15th. To take advantage of the offer, just visit and use the code WWSALE at checkout!

But before you go, here’s some great insight:

I’m Andee from Crave Photography, a portrait photographer based out of Utah who specializes in senior, child and wedding photography. I picked up my first DSLR three years ago and haven’t slept much since! As much as I love shooting, I am completely obsessed with editing. My real passion is teaching others my simple and straight-forward editing techniques for creating standout imagery. I love spending time with my family outdoors and traveling to new places!

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get from other photographers is how do I get my clients to show up dressed so nicely. It’s all about communication — and a dress code!  I have learned from painful experience that if you do not take charge of your correspondence and expectations with your client, your session can be disappointing for you as an artist. We’ve all had the session where everyone shows up wearing matching T-shirts right? Or someone shows up to an engagement session dressed far too casual. To avoid this, I always make sure I inform my clients of my dress code: No baseball hats, no shorts, no flip flops, and no logo-splashed T-shirts. I feel like the client is already making a considerable investment in their photography session, and I personally expect that they will be prepared to come dressed appropriately. By having a dress code, you weed out so many of the problematic clothing disasters! This may seem harsh, but as much as the session is about my clients, it is also about me being happy as an artist and creating imagery and portraits I can be proud of.

Sometimes clients need some guidance, resources and recommendations on what will look nice. Try emailing or mailing a “What to Wear” guide to clients listing and describing what photographs well. For example, in my What to Wear guide, I put:  ”It looks nice when clothing is layered up for more texture (jackets, vests, sweaters, etc.). Also, try selecting several colors and patterns so that everything isn’t perfectly matching.” Most people are visual, so be sure to send blog or website links to show your clients examples of what you feel looks nice. Wardrobe Wednesday is a fantastic resource for photographers to pass on to their clients!  Here is where I get even more straight forward — I personally ask my clients to send me cell phone photos of what they plan to wear. This does two important things for me: 1. It helps me gain a sense of their style (vintage, modern, eclectic, country, urban, etc.),  2. It also showcases the colors they plan to wear which helps me to determine and plan their locations. You would be surprised how helpful this can be!

I often collaborate with clients on a specific idea or theme for a stylized shoot. It may be an idea they had or something crazy I have dreamed up! In this situation, I will typically make clothing suggestions, send links for references, and discuss in detail the entire set up I have envisioned. Clothing choices can really make or break these particular sessions! I always let clients know that I don’t expect them to go out and purchase a whole new wardrobe, but to be selective and thoughtful as they plan out their clothing. I promise I am always very kind and respectful in my approach and dialogue with clients. I’ve evolved over the years to find that my best work comes when I take control of my sessions, and detailed correspondence is an important key to a successful photo shoot!

Below are a few examples of actual cell photos I’ve gotten from clients and a resulting image from their session, as well as a few of my favorite images showcasing great wardrobe collaboration.


Wardrobe Wednesday {newborn sessions}

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

We are super thrilled to have the fabulous Jean Smith of Jean Smith Photography guest posting for us today! She is highlighting what to wear for newborn sessions. I just ADORE her newborn work…

Here’s what she has to say…

It took me a long time to get in a groove with newborn sessions. My newborn sessions used to be a combination of forced poses, crying babies, and a lot of frustration on my part. I almost wanted to give up when I had a “light bulb moment.” I realized that my niche is not posing babies perfectly. My niche is capturing the baby naturally, along with the relationships and interaction with family members.  So, I started shooting how I loved to shoot and newborns became one of my favorite types of sessions.


With the exit of solid backdrops and formal poses, solid white or black shirts and jeans on family members no longer worked with my lifestyle look. I wanted a soft and natural feel with the focus on Baby, but with Mom and Dad being an important part of the image.

So what should Mom and Dad wear to look natural, and still compliment the baby and image?

What about siblings?

And what about Baby?

Let’s start with Mom and Dad, since they are the most important “props” baby may have. First and foremost, we want Mom to feel beautiful and flattered…as she did JUST have a baby (and we all know how we feel right after we had a baby). I suggest short or long sleeves to flatter, or perhaps a cover up (like a cardigan sweater). Light colored, solid tops are soft and still flattering to Mom. I LOVE when Mom opts for a long dress…preferable solid, or with just a light pattern. It adds such a softness and whimsy to the images with a newborn baby. Dad can wear a solid shirt complimentary to mom’s color of shirt. A subtle pattern on dad’s shirt is also cute, and adds interest…like a striped button down shirt.


If siblings will be in the images, it is best to go with siblings in solid, neutral colors (ex: oatmeal, white, grey), so that the focus can still be on the baby.

And for Baby? I prefer the baby to be naked for at least some of the session. It is one time in his/her life that it is ok to be nude, and it is just SO. DANG. CUTE. It is also fun to get a variety of images by using scarves (or other wraps), thin blankets, or diaper covers on the baby. By dressing family members in solid, neutral colors, you can put the focus on Baby by swaddling him/her in a colorful wrap, or maybe a cute, lightly patterned blanket. I educate parents NOT to use newborn outfits, as they are usually too big and tend to drown the baby and cover their face when holding or posing him/her. However, if the baby has a special outfit from Grandma, friend, or someone else special, then by all means, take a few shots! If parents want an outfit for the baby, then solid and snug fitting outfits look best on newborns.

Oh, and bare feet are the BEST :)
Newborn sessions can be simple, or they can be fashionable. Both are beautiful. It just depends on the style and look the parents are going for. Just remember…simple, solid, and neutral work best for newborn sessions and help keep the mood soft with the focus on the baby.
Mom: Dress (Old Navy $25), Cardigan (Target $24.99)
Dad: Shirt (Old Navy $22.50), Pants (Old Navy $29.50)
Boy: Shirt (Old Navy $16.94), Shorts (Old Navy $19.94)
Baby: Hat and Diaper Cover (J Crochet Shop on Etsy $24.99)
Girl: Dress (Old Navy $19.94)

I am thrilled to be posting this for Wardrobe Wednesday…a fabulous site dedicated to helping photographers and clients choose clothing that will look amazing in photos. You can find more ideas and inspiration from them every Wednesday HERE.


Wardrobe Wednesday {Crawler Covers Giveaway}

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

This week, Morgan spotlights an awesome retailer for those of you with little ones. I LOVE these leggings. How perfect would they be for a first birthday cake smash session? If you’re one of my clients on the schedule who has one coming up, be sure to enter to win a pair!

Here’s what new mom Morgan has to say:

My son may only be 13 days old, but I’m already thinking about how to dress him (A) in a way that makes changing a diaper as easy as possible, and (B) in a way that makes impromptu photos just a little bit cuter.

A few years ago I stumbled upon BabyLegs, a company that makes stylish leggings that cover a kid’s legs without covering the diaper. I wondered if there might be a local business producing something similar. Via Etsy (isn’t the whole world on Etsy now?), I discovered a mom making something she calls “Crawler Covers.” And turns out, she lives in my neighborhood!

You’ve got a chance to win some free crawler covers … more on that in a moment. First, I want to introduce Laurie Williams of Crawler Covers & More. I asked her to briefly describe what she does, and why. Here’s my little Q&A with Laurie …

How did your business begin?

My business began on a whim. I started making the leg warmers for my daughter, who was 18 months old at the time. A few friends inquired about them and suggested I start selling them. I was pleasantly surprised that the business took off and has lasted the past 5 years. I love my job and all my amazing customers.

Why do you like crawler covers?

I like them because they are so versatile. Not only can babies wear them to protect their knees when crawling, older children can wear them for dance class, soccer, and can be worn as arm warmers for chilly mornings.

Do you do custom orders? What sizes do you sell? Do they fit newborns, or are they better for children a bit older?

I sell the leg warmers in 2 sizes. The itty bitty size is for newborns up to 12 months of age. The toddler size fits most up to the age of 8. The toddler size will fit newborns, and will scrunch up on their legs until they fully grow into them.


Want to nab six FREE pairs of Crawler Covers for your very own? You have three chances to win. Here’s how:

Entry 1: Go to Morgan’s blog post HERE and leave a comment saying why you want to win.

Entry 2: Like the Wardrobe Wednesday and Crawler Covers Facebook pages, return to Morgan’s post and leave a separate comment saying you did so.

Entry 3: Head over to the Crawler Covers Etsy shop and do a little pre-shopping. Leave another comment on Morgan’s post with a link to the pair you most have your eyes on.

Please note that only separate comments will be counted as individual entries. If you leave all your information in one comment, it will only be counted as one entry. Comments left on my blog will not count as entries — only those made on Morgan’s post. The winner will be chosen via on Monday, April 16th at 9:00 AM EST.

* This contest is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Facebook.
** Crawler Cover photos by Blossom Portraiture ArtJill Serrano PhotographyJennifer Cusimano and Blink Photography.


Wardrobe Wednesday {what to wear: families with older children}

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

This week Lindsay in Texas put together a look for this occasion. Perfect for one last group shot while everyone is still living under one roof!

Here’s what she has to say:

“Right now I’m getting lots of inquiries from senior clients who want one last family portrait before they head off to college. Dressing families with older children isn’t much different from dressing families with small children, but it’s definitnely time for another post to help give all of these more “mature” families a visual. I started with a fun print for the daughter’s dress that gave me a lot of good color options and built the rest from there. This is a more casual look, and I think the families I’ve photographed around this age range have just felt and acted more like themselves and more relaxed in casual outfits — and it’s something I generally recommend. All of the outfits from head to toe were found at Old Navy — I know moms of kids everywhere can appreciate one-stop shopping!”



Where to shop



Capri Pants – $25.00

Tank Top – $10.00

Sweater – $22.99

Necklace – $14.50

Sandals – $19.50



Dress – $27.50

Sweater – $20.00

Earrings – $8.94

Wedges – $25.00



Shirt – $19.50

Shorts – $19.50

Sneakers – $24.94



Shirt – $12.50

Jeans – $29.50

Sandals – $19.94


Wardrobe Wednesday {Military Couples and Families}

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Here we are, answering another one of our fans requests! LOVE that this is getting so interactive! We had a request for pairing up family outfits with military ACUs (Army Combat Uniforms). To help us out, we decided to enlist military wife and photographer Rachel of Rachel Brenke Photography. She brought her unique perspective and came up with outfits for a couple as well as an entire family. She did a fantastic job!

Thank you BUNCHES, Rachel!


As a military spouse, working intimately with clients who are going through deployments/homecomings can be really emotional. Getting ready for a homecoming or deployment session is completely different than one of family portraits that are done yearly. There’s always the real possibility this may be their last; at the very least, this is one of the things that will help the family get through the rough separation. Being in a military community, the majority of my clients are military, even if they prefer to shoot not in uniform.  My biggest goal with getting ready for a session — especially one that is during or before a deployment — is to ensure that they have FUN because you are essentially taking up their limited time together and want to make it more than a session. Make it a memory. Of course the goal is for ALL clients to feel this, but with military it just seems to have that air of privilege that you get to be the one to document.

I chose the colors for the styled outfits because they are reminiscent of the yellow and blues that are often associated with the United States Military and flag. I avoided reds because red is not flattering on many individuals. The use of cooler tones helped tie this patriotic theme together, but also is more flattering for most body types and skin tones.


outfit ideas for a military photo shoot
outfits to match military green uniforms



Army Couple:

Dress – Old Navy- $35.00
Shoes – Target – $29.99
Necklace – Old Navy – $16.94
Bracelet – Old Navy – $10.94

Army Family:

Mom top – Old Navy – $18
Mom capris – Old Navy – $29.94
Mom sandals – Target – $14.99
Boys shirt – Target – 10.99
Boys Jeans – Crazy 8 – $19.95
Boys shoes – Target – $19.99
Girls Dress – Target – $17.99
Girls sandals – Payless – $9.99

Rachel Brenke Photography is a Texas-based Wedding & Senior Photographer, as well as a business consultant for photographers. She offers online and in-person workshops for all levels of photographers to aid in establishing and growing of their business.


Wardrobe Wednesday {Party of 8}

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

It’s hard enough trying to figure out how to dress a family of four – but what about a family of eight! The easy out would be to dress everyone in the same colors, but don’t worry – a coordinated clothing ensemble is easier to pull together than you think. Here, Jennifer Minor shows us just how to do it!


Last week, we had a special request from a mom who has a photo session with FIVE boys, one girl, and a hubby to round out a happy family of eight. It’s not an easy task to put together a wardrobe with so many kiddos, so we thought we would try to help. As I commonly like to suggest, I started with the 11-year-old daughter, and gave her an outfit with multiple colors with which to coordinate. Following the blues and yellows scheme, I added in five boy shirts choosing a different color for each. With all of these shirts, the boys can wear either khakis or blue jeans. Mix in a couple of outfits for mom and dad, and you have a family that makes mom look like she has everything under control!

It’s not easy to always find everything in one store, so the best advice I can give in this situation is to go for colors that are trending for the season. Follow that rule, and you should have multiple choices at various stores.


wardrobe ideas for a family with five boys and one girl



Girl’s skinny jeans – $14 JCP
Girl’s Shirt – $22.80 (on sale) Kohls
Girl’s Shoe – $30 JCP

Boy’s 5 mos Striped Polo – $6 (on sale) The Children’s Place
Boy’s 5 yrs Navy Polo – $6 (on sale) The Children’s Place
Boy’s 6 yrs shirt – $14 JCP
Boy’s Navy Button-Up Shirt – $12 JCP
Boy’s 7 yrs Yellow Polo – $24 JCP
Boy’s 5 mos Jeans - $15 (on sale) The Children’s Place
Boy’s 5 yrs Khakis – $11.21 (on sale) The Children’s Place

Mom’s Shirt – $23.99 (on sale) Kohls
Mom’s Pants – $49.99 Kohls
Mom’s Shoe - $55.99 (on sale) Kohls

Dad’s Shirt - $25 JCP
Dad’s T-Shirt - $15 JCP
Dad’s Pants – $35 JCP


Wardrobe Wednesday {Senior Fashion}

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

LOVE LOVE these suggestions from Erica May Photography! I never heard of this store…CUTE stuff senior girls! Check it out…

A few weeks ago we featured some new senior fashions for guys so I decided we needed to highlight some of the new senior fashions for girls too! April is my busiest month for seniors and I love all the Spring looks! Whenever I need some new ideas for senior fashion I love browsing through the latest Lookbook from Ruche.  Ruche is one of my favorite fashion stores for young women. They have so many awesome outfits, dresses, shoes, jewelry, and more! Their vintage style is so in right now and their patterns and textures are unique and fun. I am a fan of one-stop shopping so all of the outfits seen below come from Ruche. Don’t forget the accessories – they have some awesome headbands and jewelry too!

Shopping Guide:

All fashions from Ruche!

glowing sensation beaded necklace – $24.99

happiness is a virtue dress – $44.99

shared moment floral dress – $44.99

fresh mint polka dot shorts – $32.99

love bouquet tee – $32.99

hey there leather heels by Seychelles – $99.99

sunshine stroll bow flats – $28.99

hello dolly cowboy boots  - $96.99

keely mint flower hair clip by Petit Plume – $19.99

sweet melodies leather ring by Nakamol – $17.99



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