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Wardrobe Wednesday {Planning Ahead}

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012
When planning your shoot, whether you are the photographer or the client, you likely discuss the following: prices, products, location and wardrobe. Am I right? Shake your head yes, please. :D  Location and wardrobe are SO important to a photoshoot. They are both essentially what MAKES the shoot. I don’t care whether the location is a bedroom, the beach or a downtown area…I bet most clients have a specific “look” in mind when booking their session. But sometimes it’s difficult to actually coordinate all of that. Enter Wardrobe Wednesday.

I was thinking it was about time for something a bit different around here, so we Wardrobe Wednesday girls collaborated and came up with the following concept. Photographers, make sure you share this with your clients!

When planning your session, think about where you are going to display their photos. I am an advocate of getting your photos printed HUGE and hung on your wall. It’s all about the wall art, and what better wall art to hang than your beautiful family? I see far too many people purchasing the “disc” and doing nothing with it. Get those gorgeous photos printed and HANG THEM, mkay?!?!?

So now that we’ve got that settled, think about where you’d like to hang them. Would you prefer a display in your living room? Bedroom? Dining room? Wherever you choose, consider your decor and colors. Is your decor contemporary and colorful? Is it shabby chic? Traditional? You’ll want to take these things into account when planning your wardrobe. If your decor is traditional, you’ll likely enjoy a more traditional look to your shoot. Chances are you won’t choose a colorful and trendy look. Are you following me yet? Ok good.

I do best explaining things while using my hands, but since they are busy typing and you can’t see me, I will have to use examples.  Here’s a personal story:
I was a client a year and a half ago, when I booked the lovely and talented Jean Smith of Jean Smith Photography.  I was going to be on the other side of the lens and I was FREAKING.OUT. What should we wear? Where should we do our shoot? I decided to start with location first. I had seen Jean’s work time and time again, and I really enjoyed a combo of some urban/downtown shots and some grassy areas. So Jean suggested a downtown location. Phew. Now that was out of the way. Next up? Wardrobe of course!

I viewed some samples of where we’d be shooting and saw lots of greens, red brick, grays and blacks and other splashes of color.  So…where to start? FIRST, I thought about where we’d proudly be displaying the art of US. We have high ceilings and lots of wall space so we would be hanging HUGE enlargements, of course. I looked around at my house. I LOVE lots of color and therefore have several different colors throughout my open floor plan. If you stand in the living room, you can see the kitchen, breakfast nook and dining room. One thing that is consistent is RED. I have pops of red everywhere. I heart it, as you can see.

I KNEW somewhere in our clothing choices for our shoot I would incorporate red. I always tell clients to start your choices with the girl in your family. IF you have a daughter, start with her outfit, then branch out from there (if not, start with the mom) . I decided to take my own advice. One day I walked past The Gap. I saw an adorable dress in the window. The colors were different shades of blue with a bit of rust in it. It totally reminded me of fireworks. Our session was in the summer, a few weeks before the 4th of July. How appropriate! I thought HEY, I can pair up something RED with this dress. And so I did. I found a red dress for myself but it was sleeveless. GASP! Did I really want to see my flabby arms in every photo? NOPE. So I thought and OOOH, solution! I had a jean jacket to go over the dress. I finished it off with a cute necklace with pops of color in it and neutral colored shoes. I dressed my little guy in red, blue and khaki and my big guy in blue and khaki. VOILA! We were coordinated, but not matchy-matchy. AND when I hung Jean’s art of US, it would coordinate with our home as well.

Here is the final wardrobe compilation!

Aaaaaand, the art on our walls!

Let’s review:
1. When booking your custom photography session, think about where you’d like your session to be held.
2. When compiling wardrobe ideas, make sure it goes with the location AND your home decor. If you are hanging your photos in your bedroom, perhaps you’d like a “soft” look? Light blues and whites at the beach perhaps?
3. Get those gorgeous photos ON YOUR WALLS! You’ve invested time and money in the photoshoot…what good is it doing you to keep them on a disc? :)
We’d love to hear from you…has this post helped you at all? Would you like to see more of this in the future? Please feel free to post on the Wardrobe Wednesday {where fashion meets photography} wall on Facebook!


Wardrobe Wednesday {Easter Egg-stravaganza}

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Holy Cuteness by Rebecca of Rebecca Keeling Studios! LOVE these cute Easter/Spring looks!

Believe it or not, Easter is just around the corner.  I’m sure lots of you are planning, planning, and planning some more for Easter family sessions, mini sessions, sibling sessions, or just trying to figure out how to get your kiddos looking great for church on Easter Sunday!  Here’s a little bit of bunny inspiration, from totally matching outfits, to coordinating colors, right down to bright, personalized Easter tee shirts.  Whatever your style, you’re sure to find something to get your Easter creativity flowing.  I’ve even thrown in a few ideas for styling a cute Easter portrait session with some fun props, whether it’s in your own backyard or with your favorite professional photographer.  So, “hop” to it, and capture those sweet memories of your babies while they are still little!  Happy Spring!

Where to shop:

Carrot Cuties: Wooden Soldier

Born Kids Little Flower Sandal: Zappos

Musical Peter Rabbit: Wooden Soldier

Turquoise Ruffle Dress & Headband: CWDKids

Flower Sandals: CWDKids

Boys White Shorts: CWDKids

Boys Turquoise Polo: CWDKids

Peter Rabbit Easter Garland: Chasing Fireflies

Peter Rabbit Cake Stand: Chasing Fireflies

Pink Polka Dots Monogrammed Bucket: Chasing Fireflies

The Tale Of Peter Rabbit book: Chasing Fireflies

Bunny Basket Tea Set: Chasing Fireflies

Personalized Bright Eggs Tee: Chasing Fireflies

Pink Polka Dot Sneakers: Chasing Fireflies

Girls Smocked Flower Dress: Gymboree

Bunny Flower Two Piece Set: Gymboree

Flower Crochet Cardigan: Gymboree

Flower Crib Shoe: Gymboree

Seersucker Hat: Gymboree

Stripe Necktie: Gymboree

Diamond Sweater Vest: Gymboree

Roll Cuff Gingham Shirt: Gymboree

Belted Linen Blend Shorts: Gymboree

Boat Shoe: Gymboree


Wardrobe Wednesday {Senior Guy Style}

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Lindsay of Lindsay Horn Photography ROCKS the high school seniors, so she should know a bit about senior style. :) This week she’s decided to highlight senior GUYS!

This week I decided to focus on an often overlooked group: the senior guys. Just because killer senior portraits aren’t always on the top of their to-do list doesn’t mean that they don’t want to look great too. I’ve pulled a few different looks together for guys of all types using many of our tried and true guidelines – textures, layers, and of course, an accessory too.

The first look is a classic casual outfit – jeans with a plaid button up, with either a cool jacket or sweater layered over top.  I think an outfit like this would suit almost anyone and almost any location too, it’s very versatile. The second outfit is the GQ look.   I’m still waiting for a senior to come with a GQ wardrobe (hint, hint, guys!), but for the right guy it would really make the images stand out.  I can easily see a look like this paired in a modern or more industrial urban environment. The last look is for all of the hipsters out there.  I fell in love with the varsity-style cardigan, but really liked the look of the whole outfit.  Add a fedora for an extra touch!  I think this outfit would look great in an older vintage downtown area or a great coffee shop or cozy book store.  SHOPPING TIP: If you find an article of clothing that you love online, make sure to check out the different images available – retailers often show a full ensemble using the piece (like the cardigan) and it may give you ideas on putting together the rest of your outfit.

Shopping List


Red Plaid Shirt – Old Navy $24.50

Tan Jacket – Old Navy $65

Tan Sweater – Gap $59.99

Jeans – Old Navy $29.50

Shoes – Piperlime $64.99


Suit – Express (although any tailored suit will do)

Striped Tie – Express $39.90


Wardrobe Wednesday {Forever Friends}

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday this week is brought to us by Jennifer of Minor Impressions Photography! What a cute concept she’s put together, featuring coordinating outfits for sisters!

Jennifer says:

I have two daughters who are fortunate enough to have the sweetest relationship with their best pal. We get together with them often and try to take as many pictures as possible. My oldest daughter has known her closest friend since she was two and they’ve been the best of friends for the past five years. It’s been so much fun capturing their bond over the years. The thought of their friendship inspired me for this week’s Wardrobe Wednesday.

How fun would it be for your daughter to have a photo session with her closest friend or friends! I know it’s tempting to put your girls in matching outfits, but this is an opportunity to show everyone how much they are alike while also letting their unique traits show through. While often overpriced (unless you use one of their frequently-offered 40% off coupons), Justice is a perfect place to find some outfits for your fun-loving gals. They always have vibrant, trendy pieces to coordinate and an abundance of fashionable accessories that can add to the session.

Having pictures done with a friend will allow your daughter to relax and show her true personality. The addition of accessories will give them some props to have fun with and talk about. Some of the best images are the candid shots of your girls telling secrets or comparing bracelets. They can be sassy with their hat and stylish with their purses. Add a “Best Friend” necklace and the smile they have on their face while trying to piece it together will be a priceless image to cherish for years.




Wardrobe Wedesday {Boudoir}

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Kelly of Kelly V. Photography and Black Lace Images has put together a GREAT post on what to wear for boudoir shoots. Love the tips!


Last year, in honor of all the ladies looking for something different to give to their guy on Valentine’s Day, I did a post explaining boudoir photography and put together a few different looks to personalize your session. You can find it here.

Now that you’re a boudoir expert, I thought I’d help you get a little more organized while putting together that perfect ensemble!

I do a lot of these sessions all year with my boudoir division Black Lace Images, and I would argue that “what to wear” is probably more important for my boudoir clients than any others. You want to feel comfortable, confident AND sexy. So rather than frantically digging through your entire closet, dresser and jewelry box looking for SOMETHING, ANYTHING that will work, here are a few tips on how to plan and decide what to bring to your shoot.

  1. All about the accessories: A basic bra set can become incredible with a unique accessory. Think long necklaces, chandelier earrings, even a beautiful hair clip or headband. If you love the soft, romantic look, shop for anything along the line of bridal jewelry. If you want images with a little more punch, you can’t ever go wrong with black thigh high stockings. It’s a simple purchase for less than $10 and can make a big impact.
  2. Nothing else needed: I think there’s a misconception that you need to be completely decked out from head to toe for a boudoir shoot. Sometimes the incredible detail in lacy lingerie is absolutely magnificent all on its own. If you have a highly detailed bra and underwear set or corset, you don’t need a bangly, spangly bracelet, flashy earrings and a bulky necklace. They’ll either upstage it or just compete with each other. Sometimes less is more.
  3. Coordinate an outfit: If you’re after a specific look, then go for it! Plan an entire outfit just like you would for any portrait session. You don’t have to just bring a mish-mash of things you unearthed from your closet. Whether you want vintage, flirty, a pop of color or, heck, even dominatrix if that’s your thing, put together something that expresses who you are.

Here’s an example image from one of my recent sessions that kind of illustrates all of my points in one. Ally is wearing a basic bodice, paired it with an awesome accessory (without overdoing it by adding earrings or any other jewelry at all), and she paired the two of them together because she wanted a vintage look.


And of course it wouldn’t be a Wardrobe Wednesday if I didn’t put together a few outfits to illustrate the point!

All about accessories

Nude bra set: $78 for both, The Bra Company

Thigh highs: $7.50, Berkshire

Ribbon headband: $54,

Crystal lariat: $44.62, Birdcage veil: $17.99,

Chandelier earrings: $70,


Nothing else needed

Mimi tatin silk bra: $89.08, ASOS

Mimi tatin boy short: $70.90, ASOS


Coordinate an outfit

Lace bodysuit: $40, ASOS

Glamour Hollywood earrings: $65,

Ofelia heels: $514.95, Bruno Magli

Wardrobe Wednesday {Valentine’s Day Inspiration}

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Happy 2012 to everybody! The new year will bring fun and exciting things to Wardrobe Wednesday and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Not to rush things, but I’ve noticed a lot of photographers booking Valentine’s Day shoots.  And guess what? It’s really not that far away!  So when planning this week’s installment, I figured what the heck, why not compile some ideas for styling a cute Valentine’s session? And so I did.

Really popular and CUTE right now are ties and tie shirts for boys. LOVE LOVE them. You can find them a lot of different places, but I found the most variety on Etsy. Have I mentioned how much I love Etsy? It’s such a great one stop shopping place online, so you can shop in the comfort of your own home. Bonus. I actually found everything you see in this post on Etsy, so I could stick with my one stop shopping theme! You can thank me later. :)  Also somewhat popular for boys right now are suspenders. They are SO cute on little guys and add such an adorable touch to photos. LOVE THEM. Throw in a fedora, and you’ve got your look for your little guy.

Tutus and petti skirts have been pretty fashionable for girls for a few years. They are just too cute, especially for a Valentine’s shoot. Again, very easy to find on Etsy. I found the “rag tutu” skirt and fell in love w/ it! I’ll be purchasing one of these for my little girl. I love the look of it! Throw in some cute hair accessories and/or some leg warmers, and there is your girl’s look.

The following are a few of my own photos I took almost three years ago when I was first starting out in photography, I had this vision to dress my little girl up, along with her little friend, and just snap away. They are still some of my favorite images today! I ran to Target, and picked up an adorable t shirt and some woman’s knee socks. I cut the knee socks off at the ankle to make some cute leg warmers for the girls! I special ordered my daughter’s shirt and tutu, and I had the other tutu as a photo prop. I found an adorable knit hat and bow and there you have it. One cute session!

There are SO many darling clothes out there for you to dress your kids in for a fun Valentine’s Day shoot…head on over to Etsy…I dare you not to get sucked in!


SHOPPING LIST – (all items found on ETSY.COM)


Petite Peanut on Etsy: Little Guy Necktie Tie-Heart Throb Valentine’s Collection (4-6 years) $15.95

Antsy Pants on Etsy: Valentine’s Day Boys Grey and Red Tie Onesie or Shirt with Suspenders (size NB to 12 years) $18.00

We Choose Joy on Etsy: Valentine’s Day (Design Your Set)–Beanie, Tie, Bodysuit, Leg Warmers (Sizes 3-18 months) $42.50
Modastyles on Etsy: Children Fedora $20.00
Me and Matilda on Etsy: Suspenders Mens or Boys and Bowtie Set-Black and White Ghingham (ANY COLOR or PRINT) $45.99
Sophie’s Boutique on Etsy: Love Onesie (up to 18 months) $19.95
Caroline’s Boutique on Etsy: I Love Pink Tutu (newborn to age 5) $25.00
Delilah Kaye on Etsy: Rag Tutu Valentine Shabby Chic Skirt and Shirt Outfit (Toddler 3T) $40.00
Bella’s Bowtique on Etsy: Valentine’s Day Headband Babies Toddlers Girls Pink Red White with Pearls Silk Rosette Flower $10.99
Short and Sweet Peas on Etsy: Leg Warmers $28.00 (for four pair)



Tea Collection {Retail Spotlight}

Friday, December 16th, 2011

I have blogged before about Tea Collection...usually through Wardrobe Wednesday. Well this time I was lucky enough to team up with Tea Collection and take pics of my own children dressed in the retailer’s bright, colorful and beautiful clothing! Tea Collection is known for their “destination” lines of clothing. This season’s destination is Modern Mexico and I am in love with the fun and colorful pieces! Take a look for yourself.









I love the Tea Collection line, not only because it’s colorful and full of life, but the rich tones they use are perfect for children’s portraits! Their clothing is also super durable (and comfortable), holding up to the every day wear and tear that children put it through. And for those of you in charge of the laundry, it washes VERY well! (and tends to be wrinkle free!) I can’t say enough wonderful things about this line of clothing. It’s just awesome!  Check out their holiday line…it’s gorgeous. (there is also free shipping for orders over $150.00!!)

Wardrobe Wednesday {Stocking Stuffers for Photographers and Shutterbugs}

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Something a little different this week, brought to you by the multi talented Morgan Dawson of Morgan Dawson Photography!

Here’s what she has put together!

There is just not enough time left in the shopping season to be anything but honest and straightforward, so here goes: This is the kind of stuff I would want as a photographer, and I think it can help you, too. If you’re a photographer, you can send a link to this post to friends or family who need gift ideas. If you need to get a gift for a photographer or shutterbug, you’ve come to the right place. Here we go…



Memory Cards: Photographers really can never have too many of these. When buying them, just be sure you know what format your photog uses. Compact Flash and SD are the most common, but double check since you never know. My personal collection includes a bunch of SanDisk 8GB compact flash cards, but I wouldn’t turn down a larger size (who would?). These can be purchased at so many different stores, so be sure to compare prices.

Batteries: When I asked the other WW girls about their stocking stuffer wish list, batteries were the first things mentioned. Flashes and other gear will burn through these puppies in no time – extras are a must!

Lens Cleaner: What happens when mud gets on a lens? Smudges or sticky kid fingers? This two step solution will easily fix the day. All you need to do is use a few drops of the solution and then use the pads to wipe it away. Easy!

Pop-Up Flash Diffuser: If your photog has a camera with a pop-up flash, this is a great gift idea. While the flash is easy and convenient, the light is often harsh and less than flattering. The best way to even out the light is by diffusing it somehow, and this puffer couldn’t be easier. It slides over the flash and automatically diffuses the light – awesome!

Towelettes and Wipes: These little wipes are such a lifesaver for both the photographer and their clients. Large bottles of sunscreen or insect repellent aren’t likely to make their way into a camera bag, but there is always room to stash a few of these. If the model – or photographer – start to get a little shiny, the blotter papers can be a great fix when you’re on the go.

FUN CAMERA GIFTS: These are just cute camera-related gifts that would make any photog smile. My personal favorite may be the “Oh Snap” bag, but that’s just because it also comes on a onesie:-)


Fingerless Gloves: If you shooting in the cold, you’ll want a pair of fingerless gloves. If you’re sitting at your desk on a cool morning and want a little warmth, you’ll want a pair of fingerless gloves. Tons of colors – various warmth levels. A perfect gift!

Custom Camera Strap: Why stick with the boring old black camera strap when you can have one with style!

Coffee Mug: Coffee mug? What’s so special about a coffee mug? This one actually keeps your coffee HOT! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made myself a cup of coffee or tea and then sat down to do a little editing. Before I know it, I’ve completely forgotton about my drink and it’s gone cold. This mug has a lid and stainless steel double wall interior (read: warm drinks). Note – they also make a travel version!>

Wardrobe Wednesday {Holiday Photo Booth}

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

This one’s for all you photographers out there!! Kelly of Kelly V. Photography has put together an amazing post with a very FUN and FESTIVE holiday photo idea for everybody! Here’s what she had to say:

I am officially in the Christmas spirit! With the smell of pine in the house, “Jingle Bells” blaring on my computer speakers and colorful lights twinkling outside, it was impossible not to get a little festive while putting together my Wardrobe Wednesday post this week.

I know we usually assist clients with portrait session outfit suggestions, but this time I’m switching things up a bit and offering suggestions for photographers! And, lets face it, inevitably it all amounts to awesome images for people’s homes, and that’s what we’re all about.

SO … with all the hustle and bustle of the season, I decided to come up with a unique Christmas photo session idea that would let clients just kick back and have some FUN. Couples, adults, kids — you name it. Then it hit me: A Christmas Photobooth!

This would be perfect in a studio setting with images from the waist up — you know, just like what you’d get in a mall photobooth. Remember feeding a few bucks into the machine, cramming inside with your BFF in junior high and making silly faces while showing off those kickin’ braces, bug eyes and pig noses?


Well, you do the math: Photobooth setup in your studio + awesome Christmas props = SUPER FUN HOLIDAY PICTURES!

Don’t have a studio? No sweat. Find a spot in front of some pine trees or a big red barn with a pretty wreath. A small bench for people to squeeze their butts next to each other is all you really need.

NOT a photographer? This would make for a great addition to that holiday party you’re throwing in a few weeks. Just put together a few props, have your guests grab whatever strikes their fancy, instruct them to pile on the couch, then take a few pictures! E-mail the photos to everyone the next day or post them and tag people on Facebook, and I guarantee you’ll have a new annual tradition. (Not to mention you’ll be heralded as a creative genius!)

When I was brainstorming prop ideas, I quickly realized that the options are endless. The great part of having so many choices is that photographers can really stay true to your style and brand. If your images are bright and colorful and your logo is trendy and mod, opt for a fun photobooth setup with silly paper props. On the other hand, if your photos are softer and your branding a little more vintage, consider a Victorian Christmas look with a top hat and pipe for the guys (think Scrooge) and a faux fur shawl for the ladies.

In the process, I came across some awesometastic vendors and lined up a few discounts for you! Check out the details and links at the very end.

But if you’re kicking yourself because you’ve spent your prop budget for the year, don’t fret! I’m sure you could put together a very festive combination using things in your Christmas stash. Off the top of my head, I know I have numerous Santa hats, some pretty mistletoe and a Rudolf nose and antler headband in my house. And who doesn’t have ornaments and lights to hang in the background? You could also wrap a present or two. Or even go to a craft store and scoop up some big snowflakes or some DIY construction paper at very little cost. Seriously, the options are endless!

Just don’t forget to encourage your clients (or family and friends) to ham it up. Have kids pose behind an empty frame and make silly faces. Ask a couple to hold up some mistletoe above them for a perfect profile kiss. Or how funny would a baby be wearing a Santa beard?

So there you go! Check out my two very different prop compilations below and get inspired! Then gather up some stuff, offer a few mini session spots and bust a gut.


For this option, suggest that your clients wear brightly colored sweaters and bring a bunch of scarves and gloves. In this case, I think everyone in solid matching reds or greens would be hilarious. You could even encourage ugly Christmas sweaters and REALLY have some fun!

Where to shop:

Paper garland, $10:

Stick prop set, $35 (discount code below!)

Naughty & Nice signs, $13:

Scarf, $10.99:





In this case, suggest that your clients all wear white tops so the props can shine. Or, if they really want to go all-out, adult guys would be perfect in a white dress shirt and red tie. Ladies could wear a holiday dress — something they would put on for a Christmas party. Then you can complete the look with your faux fur shawl and pearls. Long gloves or a fur hand muff would work in this setup, too!

Where to shop:

Wood backdrop, Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops, $150 (discount code below!)

Christmas pennant banner, Etsy seller Funkyshique, $28 (discount code below!)

Mistletoe, $9.99:

Chamberstick, $32:

Top hat, $8.99:

Pipe, Amazon, $5.11:

Scarf, Old Navy, $15.94:

Fur shawl, $89.99:

Pearls, $16:



Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops
To shop (click on “store”):
To purchase rubber-backed mats & baseboards:
funky shiQue
Party Goodies

Wardrobe Wednesday {Keeping it Simple}

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011
Jennifer of Minor Impressions Photography keeps it simple with online shopping from Hanna Andersson and Target! Love this look…it’s perfect for Fall!!
It’s the time of year when everything I was planning to do six months ago has crept up on me, and panic is setting in as I realize it will be impossible to get it all done. I’ve begun to evaluate my priorities and while my own family pictures thankfully made the cut, I am finding I don’t have much time to plan our wardrobe.
Fortunately, I’ve collected multiple catalogs from some vendors I love and I came across my Hanna Andersson catalog which includes not only children’s clothing but outfits for mom and dad as well. I went straight to their website to pick out some things, and immediately clicked on the Family link that shows some great coordinated outfits. While it was very tempting to just purchase everything in the picture and check the task off my list, I only used this as a starting point. We have spoken many times about not putting everyone in the same color or making sure that all the kids aren’t in the same outfits. The same stands true for putting all family members in the same pattern or fabric. While I loved that Hanna Andersson offered a cardigan for mom and a vest and button-down shirt for the boy that could have completely matched the ensemble, I felt it was necessary to add some solids in to break up the patterns. As an added bonus, mom and dad or brother and sister can take some pictures just the two of them and still look fantastically coordinated!

Shirt –
Hanna Andersson – $24
Jeans –
Hanna Andersson – $30
Shoes –
Hanna Andersson – $54
Dress –
Hanna Andersson – $33
Boots –
Hanna Andersson – $68
Headband –
Etsy – Mia’s Bow Boutique – $8
Dress –
Target – $34.99
Boots –
Target – $79.99
Necklace –
Target – $12.99
Shirt – Hanna Andersson – $58
Jeans – Target – $22.00
Shoes – Target – $34.99

All Images Copyright Shannon J Dodge Photography | Blog Theme Created by LJP & SLR Lounge