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Wardrobe Wednesday {wilderness chic}

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

This week’s post is from Erica of Erica May Photography in Texas. How about some country? Wilderness? Flannel? Read on if I’ve caught your attention!

This week I chose to do a rustic/wilderness family session theme. Nothing says “home” to me like some warm, cozy flannel! Not only will you be stylish, but your family will also be nice and warm in these layers and fabrics.

For the dad’s outfit, I went with several layers starting with a warm cable-knit sweater which you can top off with a flannel lined jacket. Pair these with some dark jeans and some rugged boots and dad is set and comfortable. For mom’s outfit, I wanted flannel but feminine, so I paired a fitted flannel shirt with a textured cardigan and a studded belt for a feminine touch. Add skinny jeans and these fabulous new CHEAP boots from Old Navy and mom will definitely get the attention she deserves. Not the skinny jean type? Don’t worry,  boot-cut jeans and some ankle boots would also look great!

I recently discovered H&M since they opened one in Dallas, and I am in LOVE with their kids’ line! You can’t order online yet but if you are lucky enough to have store near you, get in there and check it out! The kids’ outfits both have multiple layers to keep them warm but are youthful and fun. Add some accessories like scarves and hats and you will have something fun to personalize their individual shots with and add some variety.

Want to add a little staging? Have your photo shoot done at a Christmas tree farm or maybe around a campfire while you make s’mores and drink hot chocolate! =)


Shopping Guide:


Cardigan:     Shine Cable Ruched Cardigan     $59.95      Eddie Bauer

Shirt:    Cozy Flannel Shirt      $59.95     Eddie Bauer

Jeans:    Essential Slim Jeans   $19.99    Eddie Bauer

Belt:      Skinny Studded Belt    $39.95   Eddie Bauer

Boots:   Women’s Faux-Leather Riding Boots     $35     Old Navy



Outer Shirt: Cabela’s Flannel-Lined Stonewash Canvas Shirt     $44.99     Cabelas


Sweater: Cabela’s Outfitter Series Kingston 1/4-Zip Sweater      $39.99     Cabelas

Jeans: Relaxed Fit Flannel-Lined Jeans      $59.99       Eddie Bauer

Boots:    Cabela’s GORE-TEX® Tempest™ Chukka     $69.99    Cabelas



Pants:     $19.95     H&M

Sweater:  Cable-knit Sweater    $24.95     H&M

Shirt:  Flannel Shirt     $24.99    H&M

Boots:   H&M

Hat:  $7.99  Target



Sweater:     $29.95      H&M

Jeans: Girls Dark-Wash Super Skinny Jeans    $19.50    Old Navy

Boots: Girls Faux-Fur Wedge Boots     $27      Old Navy

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Wardrobe Wednesday {Winter Warmth}

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

It is the busiest time of the year for most portrait photographers! Many families want to have their memories captured, especially for the holiday season. This week I asked our fans on the Wardrobe Wednesday facebook page what they would like to see, and hands down, the biggest request was for a colder weather, wintry look with red incorporated.  I am all too happy to oblige, since we rarely get to dress in warm clothing here in south Florida, so it’s so much fun to put together cool weather ensembles! The red was a bonus, since it’s my favorite color.

This week I chose to feature Next again since I have had THREE families recently purchase their outfits from there for their sessions. THREE! I figured I better check this site out more in depth and I was not disappointed. It didn’t take me very long to search for, and put together, an awesome family ensemble for this week’s theme.

As always, I started with the girl’s outfit and branched out from there. Don’t be afraid to combine blacks and browns, and stripes with other patterns. It’s all about how you do it (or rather how you don’t overdo it!). I initially found the little girl’s red coat and thought about what I could layer it over. Then I found the leopard print hat and fell in love!  So now I was on the hunt for a dress with black and/or brown in it.  This dress I found could not have been more perfect! Throw in some tights and adorable patent leather boots and you’ve got one stylish diva! Next, I focused on Mom’s outfit. I thought the cream, cable knit dress over leggings or tights would be adorable. But a cream dress over gray leggings with no color? BORING. So I added in some pops of color with the red animal print scarf, and berry zip detail ankle boots. And now…I want this outfit! Once I had the girls squared away, it was easy throwing the guys together. The little boy was easy once I found the Blue Toggle Cardigan–so cute! I wanted the boy to have some red as well, so I layered a red striped sweater underneath the blue cardigan. Throw on some cute boots, and you’ve got one adorable outfit for your boy. For the Dad, I chose some jeans, because lets face it, they go with anything! And most men have at least one pair of jeans they like to wear, so essentially this could be eliminated from the shopping list. I found the open neck sweater and thought it coordinated nicely with everything else.

I am very happy with the end result. Not only will these outfits keep a family warm during their outdoor photoshoot, but the color combo is also warm and inviting. From start to finish, this look took me about 2 hours to put together because I found it all in one place AND online at!


Brown Hiking Lace Boots
Stripe Crew Neck Jumper-Dark Red
Blue Toggle Cardigan
Pull on Trousers-Khaki


Red Animal Print Scarf
Berry Zip Detail Ankle Boots
Cable Dress-neutral
Full Length Leggings-Gray


Black Leather Patent Boots
Leopard Print Hat
Red Hooded Coat
Camel Black Stripe Twofer
Black, Cream and Nude Tights-Three Pack (shown in black)-3 pack


Boot Fit Jeans
Open Button Neck Sweater-Khaki
Tan Desert Boot

Wardrobe Wednesday {spotlight on ZARA}

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

This is one awesome Wardrobe Wednesday post from Morgan Dawson of Morgan Dawson Photography! LOVE this spotlight and all of the compilations! And she speaks Italian…well, maybe just a little. ;)

Buon giorno a tutti! {Good morning everyone!}

Ok, that’s just about the extent of my Italian – other than “Dov’è il bagno?” (where is the bathroom?), “Vorrei un cappuccino” (I’d like a cappuccino) and “Mi dispiace. Non parlo italiano.” (I’m sorry. I don’t speak italian).

Mi dispache, but I just got back from an amazing trip to northern Italy and haven’t quite accepted that I’m back to my normal life yet. I have this strong urge to bake bread, learn how to make my own pasta, and make my wardrobe more euro chic (especially since part of the trip included a conference attended by people from 35 countries). The bread baking happened yesterday (total tangent, but this book is AMAZING!) and the pasta will need to wait, but the wardrobe changes might be easier than I thought.

If you’re not already familiar, let me introduce you to Zara. Zara is a clothing and accessories retailer that began in 1975 in a central street in downtown A Coruña, Galicia, Spain. You can now find them in over 70 countries. While they have an online store that can be viewed in 10 languages, it wasn’t until 2011 that the US was one of the 17 countries where items could be shipped. I’ve never been to a store – and am trying to accept the fact that I was unknowingly two blocks away from one last week – but I’m already a huge fan just by browsing online.

Zara carries clothing for women (including a more youthful TRF line), men, and separate kids lines for young boys and girls (age 2-14) and baby boys and girls (age 3-26 months). You may notice that I included below examples of shoes and scarves for each group. If I had to overgeneralize what I saw in Italy, it was funky shoes and scarves, scarves, and scarves (even on kids and babies – so adorable). Oh, tons of chunky jewelry as well! The question doesn’t seem to be “if” you should wear a scarf or chunky jewelry, but rather what color and how many pieces.

If I wasn’t pregnant (unfortunately they don’t have a maternity line), I’d be going nuts with the shopping. For now I’ll just need to focus on shoes and scarves. But only for now…


Wardrobe Wednesday {From Tots to Teens}

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

It’s all about families with more than two kids this week! Lindsay makes selecting outfits for portraits simple for moms of multi aged kids…from tots to teens! Here’s what she has to say:

Coordinating outfits for a couple of kids can be daunting enough, but what about those families blessed with a whole bunch of kiddos?  Shopping for a larger number can quickly become overwhelming, especially when you have kids spanning all ages from teens to toddlers (that was my family growing up!).  Well, we’ve taken all of the guesswork out of the equation for you in this week’s Wardrobe Wednesday post.  I’ve highlighted a lovely fall wardrobe for up to 6 kids from babies to teens.  Don’t have 6 kids?  No problem!  Just mix and match the outfits you need to work for your particular family.

I started with the older girl’s top to set my color palette and went from there.  I fell in love with this shirt the moment I saw it at Tea Collection – it has great texture and a beautiful palette of colors for a fall shoot.  I used those colors as my base for picking the rest of the outfits, and I tried to mix up fabrics and layers to create a really natural “un-matchy” look.  I also make it a point to mix up types of clothing.  For example, I don’t want all of the girls in dresses or all of the boys in jeans and button-ups, even if they are different colors or patterns.  And thankfully for you moms of 6, everything here can be purchased online to spare you a trip to the store!



Shopping List


Older Boy

Button Up Shirt – Old Navy $39.94

Jeans – Old Navy $29.50


Older Girl

Flower Top – Tea Collection $39.00

Skinny Jeans – Tea Collection $49.00


Younger Boy

Orange Shirt – Tea Collection $26.00

White Long-Sleeved Shirt – Tea Collection $26.00

Khaki Pants – Tea Collection $35.00


Younger Girl

Pink Tunic Top – Tea Collection $35.00

Patterned Leggings – Tea Collection $25.00


Baby Boy

Denim Overalls – Gap $30.00

Green Bodysuit – Gap $14.50


Baby Girl

Brown Dress – Gap $14.99 (sale)

White Footed Leggings – Gap $14.95

Wardrobe Wednesday {Families with teens}

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

I just LOVE this ensemble put together by Jennifer of Minor Impressions Photography for families with teens!! It can be a struggle to get those teens to wear what you suggest they wear, but Jennifer offers some great tips! Here’s what she has to say:

Here in Texas, the outrageous heat is gradually making its exit, and we are starting to see a little bit of fall-like weather. For me, this always means that clients start calling to schedule their family session before the holidays get near. While us Wardrobe Wednesday ladies have been giving everyone advice for almost two years now, it can still seem so overwhelming to put together your entire family’s wardrobe, and  you can’t help but tinker with the idea of just doing one solid color. Add in a few older kiddos who are already highly opinionated with what they want to wear, and I’m sure you’re already stressed just thinking about it. That is why I chose to put together an ensemble consisting of mom, dad, and the possibility of a few hard-headed kiddos.

My first piece of advice is to decide which kid will be the most challenging when choosing his/her outfit. (I highly recommend that you don’t tell him/her why you chose them first!)  Once you’ve got the most difficult selection out of the way, start building everyone else’s outfits to complement it. If the first outfit you choose has a pattern with different colors, then choose solids to balance it all out. If it is one solid color, then the next outfit you select should have a few more colors, one being complementary to the first selection.

When teenagers are involved, keep in mind that your biggest challenge might not be about the colors, but rather the comfort, specifically theirs. While one daughter might love being in a dress every day, the other may be all about her jeans. You will have a lot less resistance if they can relax in their attire and allow their personalities to show a little while still trying to keep with a similar theme.

In the example below, I started my collection with, the more reserved, Girl # 2’s shirt. After adding Girl # 1’s dress, I was able to piece together the remaining outfits.



Dress –

Boots –

Necklace –

Girl #1

Dress –

Denim Jacket –

Boots –

Girl #2

Shirt –

Jeans –

Boots –


Shirt –

Jeans –

Boy # 1

Red Shirt –

Jeans –

Boy # 2

Shirt –

Jeans –

Wardrobe Wednesday {Fall and Holiday Photos}

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Kelly Valeri of Kelly V. Photography has put together an AWESOME family holiday wardrobe this week! Check out her shopping secrets and the adorable outfits she compiled this week.

I’m all about unique clothing finds — especially when it comes to dressing for a portrait session. And living in a mostly rural area without too many shopping options, I rely on online retailers quite a bit. So I was really excited to find out about Anyone can sign up, and it delivers a daily e-mail to your inbox with deals for moms, babies and kids. All at incredible savings!

Sure, sometimes I just don’t have time and they get ignored or deleted. But when I’m looking for something a little different, Zulily is the place to go! It has introduced me to all sorts of retailers I never knew existed.

So for this week’s Wardrobe Wednesday, I thought I’d share my shopping secret with you and feature a few clothing finds from today’s daily deal! And if you sign up, you can get them, too.

One of today’s shopping “events” as Zulili calls them, is from Bouton Kids. When I checked out their website, I realized everything is hand-woven. Some of it is a little eclectic for my taste, but I loved some of the patterns and styles. I found two great pieces on the Zulili sale that made for a great starting point for outfits for a family session.

Even better? Zulili is featuring the skirt for $44 ($76 on the store’s website) and the shirt for $37 ($64 at the store). Great deals, huh?

To round out the rest of the outfits, I opted for a little pop of color with red, which is perfect for fall.



Blazer: Old Navy, $49.50

Jeans: Old Navy, $39.94

Shoes: Old Navy, $40



Shirt: Old Navy, $15

Jeggings: Old Navy, $34.94

Boots: Old Navy, $36.94

Bracelet: Old Navy, $10.94

Earrings: Old Navy, $8.94



Hat: Old Navy, $12.94

Shirt: Old Navy, $8.94

Skirt: Zulili, $44 (must be a member to shop)

Shoes: Target, $9.99



Shirt: Zulili, $37 (must be a member to shop)

Pants: Old Navy, $14.94

Shoes: Old Navy, $19.94

Wardrobe Wednesday-What to Wear {Chic Country Couples}

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

I just love following up on requests on our fan page! Erica May with Erica May Photography did a great job with this tough request! Love the ideas!

We recently had someone post on our Wardrobe Wednesday facebook page requesting a couples session that features cowboy boots. Being from Texas, I was all over that =P. I wanted to put together something that was country but not over-the-top. The thing I LOVE about these outfits it all the layers. The warm tones, mix of textures, and small pop of color will add a lot of depth and interesting features to your images. I love the option to take off and on jackets, vests, hats, and jewelry so make sure to any or all of those items along. The more layers you have the more posing options your photographer will have.  I tried to make it an easy shopping trip with the majority of this ensemble being from one of my favorite stores Eddie Bauer. I could just live in their catalog and they have a great outlet section! =) Don’t forgot to bring a few things that are special to y’all (maybe a few books, a bottle of wine, etc..) and a quilt or sherpa blanket to snuggle up on. Enjoy!




Trailhead Plaid Field Shirt – Eddie Bauer

Classic Fit Barely Boot Cut Jeans – Eddie Bauer

Legend Wash Blazer – Eddie Bauer

Justin Stampede Western Cowboy Boots  – Sheplers


Classic Fit Solid Washed Chambray Workshirt – Eddie Bauer

Carpenter Jeans - Eddie Bauer

Yukon Model Waxed Cotton Down Vest – Eddie Bauer

Mens Cowboy Boots – Sheplers

I have 2 awesome sessions in the blog queue…stay tuned readers!


Wardrobe Wednesday {Fall Families}

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

That fall chill is in the air…or so I hear. Here in southwest Florida, it doesn’t cool off until at least mid-October. However, my clients still prefer to dress for the season and I don’t blame them! I know when I have my family portraits taken later this fall, we’ll be dressing the part, whether it’s 90 degrees or not! ;) Last week, I asked our awesome Wardrobe Wednesday fans what they’d like to see this week. The majority of you said you’d like to see more boy ideas and fall suggestions. So guess what? I combined the two. ;) And because I am the queen of one stop shopping, I am featuring clothing from Tea Collection. LOVE.THEM.SO.MUCH!  We have featured them once before. Click here to view that post.

As soon as I went to Tea Collection’s website, the warm fall colors were very apparent. Tea Collection always has a globally inspired collection, and this season it’s Modern Mexico. Let me tell you, it is CUTE. What I really love about Tea Collection, is that their pieces coordinate with one another, which makes layering (and putting together compilations for photo shoots!) pretty simple. Another feature I love, is that they have different features such as outfits, new arrivals and wardrobe sets. If you want an outfit already put together for you, just click on outfits and voila! There are so many things I love about Tea Collection; I could go on and on, but the number one feature is that their clothing is made to last. It does not fade easily, wrinkle much or fall apart. This is important to me because my kids are hard on clothing!

Check out their website for yourself. They often have SUPER sales, which is a nice bonus.

This week’s compilation was a cinch because of Tea Collection’s awesome coordinating items and themes. I chose to do a lot of layering, because it adds dimension and color to photos. The first boy’s outfit was already put together by Tea Collection. I LOVED how the henley was placed over the hoodie. The hoodie added just enough color to POP the outfit. I decided to show the items separately on the compilation board, but I added the picture of the outfit separately to show the look I am trying to depict. The second boy’s outfit was coordinated by me, myself and I. I saw the Ticking Stripe Pant (and had to have them for my son!) and went from there. I decided to coordinate another shirt over hoodie outfit to go w/ the pants. Fun to coordinate with the other boy but not too “matchy matchy”. For the mom, I found the scarf paired with the red v neck shirt and fell in LOVE. I just read recently that red is THE COLOR this season. And I don’t know many people who don’t look great in it!  Unfortunately, Tea Collection does not offer a men’s collection, so I kept it simple and left the father figure out.

Here are some images from a family I photographed in Ohio last year. This mom had the wardrobe DOWN! Layers, colors, and textures…oh my!

So there ya have it. I hope this post inspires many readers to check out the very awesome Tea Collection line and to layer for their fall portrait sessions!


BOY: Outfit 1

Hombres Stripe Henley–Cloud–$22.50

Happy Hoodie–Salsa Red–$30.00

Daytripper Jeans–Bio-Stone Wash–$49.00

Simple Satire Sneaker–Nine Iron–$42.00

BOY: Outfit 2
Ticking Stripe Pant–Mushroom–$32.00

Mariachis En Barco Tee–Ochre–$26.50

Happy Hoodie–Cinnabar–$30.00

Frida Wide Leg Demin Pants–$88.50

Dia De Sol Scarf–$61.50

Velas V-Neck Tee–$31.50

And to all of my faithful SJD Photography blogstalkers, I am nearly booked for the season. If you would like to book, please do so ASAP. I only have a limited number of sessions left!


Wardrobe Wednesday {Vendor Spotlight}

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

CUTE CLOTHING ALERT!!! This week’s post by Rebecca of Rebecca Keeling Studios is just what Wardrobe Wednesday needed this week! I LOVE new suggestions for clothing. Especially when said clothing is extra cute and fun. Read ahead for more info!

I came home today to find one of my MOST favorite catalogs waiting for me in the mailbox.  I love it so much that I felt compelled to share it with you for this week’s Wardrobe Wednesday post.  Those of you with boys know how difficult it is to find really cute, original, and unique clothing for them.  While living in England, I was overly excited during an early shopping outing when I came across Next in a little town near our home.  There wasn’t a time that I went into that store and didn’t come out with an armful of bags for the whole family, especially Kade, who was about a year old at that time.  Not only were the clothes super cute and stylish, the prices were very reasonable {which is really hard to find in the UK} and extremely well made.  Much to my dismay, when I moved back to the US, I realized that they didn’t ship to the States.  And thus ended my love affair with Next.  You can imagine how over-the-moon I was when, just a few short months ago, I received a Next catalog in the mail and realized that they have changed their shipping policy and now even list their clothing in US sizes!!  Holy shopping spree, y’all!!  One of the many amazing things about being able to shop online with Next is that they are truly a one-stop-shop when it comes to all things apparel.  Babies, boys, girls, mom, dad…shoes, accessories, outerwear, special occasion, casual, dressy, sportswear…even maternity AND homeware…all with a fabulous British flair!!  They even offer $5 shipping.  Seriously.  Here are a few of my favorite collections found in their brand new fall catalog.  With holiday portraits and fall sessions just around the corner, you’ll be glad you now know all about Next.  Enjoy…and happy shopping!!


Wardrobe Wednesday {Back to School}

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

I can’t believe it’s back to school time already! My little ones have been back for a week already. I know it’s so cliche’ but where does the time go?? In love with this post from Lindsay of Lindsay Horn Photography. She gives some wardrobe advice along with some props you can use if you are photographing some back to school sessions OR if your little one will be part of those sessions. Read on!

Well, it’s that time of year!  The summer festivities are winding down, you’ve been shopping for both new school wardrobes and supplies, and you will be sending your kiddos back to school any day now, if not already.  This is a great time of year to make a tradition out of getting your children’s portraits taken.  Yes, they will be getting pictures from a school photographer soon, but those don’t even come close to capturing your child’s personality as they embark on another year of their journey to adulthood.  I’ve noticed many photographers offering Back to School Mini Sessions, so I thought a post featuring a nostalgic take on back to school portraits would be helpful.

I wanted to give this wardrobe a throwback “old school” vibe, and the Children’s Place had some great classic looks already put together!  I noticed many stores had already-assembled outfits for you to browse, and that can be a great resource if you are short on time or sleep-deprived from caring for a newborn per se. Both outfits have a great mix of textures and layers, and as we’ve shown time and time again, you can never go wrong with blues.  If this isn’t your style, the sky is the limit.  This is really about capturing your child at this specific moment, so let their personality dictate what direction you go.  I’m sure you already have some great options available from your back to school shopping.

You can create a really cute styled session around this theme using some great vintage finds.  The antique school desk below was purchased at an auction by the owner for $5.  If you aren’t up for perusing auctions, garage sales, or antique stores, Ebay had a surprising number of these for sale, just be prepared to pay hefty shipping costs.  Of course, Etsy is a great place to shop for all things vintage and shabby chic – that’s where I found the great  globe, chalkboards, and  books.  The seller of the books actually sells different sets arranged by color scheme, so you could really go crazy coordinating!  Apples a-plenty can be found at your local grocer.

Are you planning some fun back to school pics for your kiddos?  Head on over and share them on our WW Page, we’d love to see what you came up with!


Boys outfit –  Children’s Place

Girls outfit –  Children’s Place










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