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Wardrobe Wednesday {Putting it all together}

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Need some visuals regarding how to put the family’s wardrobe together? Then this post is for you! Kelly of Kelly V. Photography explains and shows you just how to do it!

One of the things we always talk about is how to adapt these Wardrobe Wednesday posts to fit your own portrait session. Particularly with the family outfit suggestions, we try to illustrate that when done correctly, your outfits should work together as a group, but also well in pairs and individually.

It’s one thing to say “You can put this together, subtract this, or add this,” but I’m a visual girl, so I thought I’d show you!

I recently had a portrait session where my client e-mailed me photos she took of her own clothes to get my feedback as part of her pre-session consultation. Most of these items are basic wardrobe staples that you can find at your favorite clothing retailer, if not in your closet already. For these reasons I’m not going to concentrate on where to shop as much as illustrate how well the pairings work and why.

Michele sent me the image of her daughter’s dress on the right, which she said was purchased at Forever 21, and the following four photos:

She had checked out previous Wardrobe Wednesday posts and knew to pull colors from the dress for the rest of the family, so she was off to a great start! I suggested the outfit on the left for her son because the light blue vest in the outfit on the right was too close a shade to Dad’s button down.

The only problem it posed was that three people would be in khakis, which would be a little too similar, so I suggested she wear a white skirt. She worried it would get it dirty while sitting on the ground — definitely a valid point — and asked if her husband could wear jean shorts. That would be a little too casual in my opinion, so we settled on a denim skirt for her, and that was the missing piece! They looked incredible!

Okay, so because they did such a great job, lets pull them into smaller groupings and you can see how all of the outfits still work even in pairs or individually.

And, even better? Look at how great the different images look together, too! Which makes for an awesome wall display. And isn’t that the whole point of a portrait session? So you can warm up your home with incredible images and even better memories!


Wardrobe Wednesday {Curvalicious}

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

We recently had some requests to put together some compilations that apply to the curvier crowd. I am included in that crowd, so I was happy to hear that one of our awesome contributors, Jennifer, of Minor Impressions Photography, was going to highlight the subject! Here’s what she has to say!

Here at Wardrobe Wednesday, our main goal is to show our clients (and yours) they have more options for their photo sessions than just the same old jeans and black or white shirt. We’ve been doing this for over a year now, and I have to admit, that while I wholeheartedly support the outfits we post, sometimes my first thought is, “yeah, that dress is rockin’, but I bet I couldn’t even fit my pinky toe in it!” That’s the pessimistic side of me. The optimistic side of me LOVES the outfit, goes straight to the store, tries it on, and is quite ticked off at my fabulous WW ladies because that gorgeous outfit on my size 14-16 body looks NOTHING like it did on the size 4 model. So, after a few requests from some of our readers, I decided to put together another plus-size ensemble.

One of the best features for any plus-size outfit is a wide belt or cinched-in fabric just below the bust. In the dress shown, the belt gives your body a more defined hourglass shape, and the empire waist on the paisley shirt lengthens the body’s appearance. Find a well-fitted, supportive, strapless bra if you choose to stay sleeveless, or use a coordinating cardigan if you decide not to show off your arms. Bring a camisole or tank top to throw on underneath the cardigan, along with a pair of blue jeans when you want a more casual look.

While it is not often suggested to wear horizontal stripes if you are self-conscious about your size, the black vest over the striped-shirt gives the illusion of a much smaller frame. In all cases, wear heels, when possible, to elongate your legs, and be sure to include a few accessories to add the special touch.

As with any other body type, there are some important things you should remember if you’re shopping in the plus-size section:

  • Make sure the clothes fit. Keep in mind that if the shirt or dress is tight when you’re standing up, then there’s a big possibility that you’re going to be highly uncomfortable when we ask you to sit down. On the same note, don’t try to hide everything under an outfit that is two sizes too big for you. It WILL make you look bigger!
  • Slim your body using shapewear.  There are great tank tops and strapless body suits that help you obtain a sleek silhouette by enhancing the natural curves of your body. Again, you want to make sure you get the correct size. If you can’t breathe when you try it on, try the next size up so you’re not gasping for air during your session.
  • Wear something that shows off what you love, and conceals the parts you’re not too crazy about. If you don’t like your arms, don’t wear a sleeveless shirt or find a cardigan to complement that cute tank top you love. If you don’t like your legs, don’t wear short shorts.

The most important thing to remember is to be comfortable, have fun, and let your personality shine through!


All items can be found at either Maurices or Torrid.


Blue Dress


Open-Toe Boots

Multi-Colored Ring

Multi-Colored Earrings

Blue Necklace

Black Shirt & Vest

Black Pants

Black Necklace

Black Earrings

Wedge Sandals


Paisley Shirt



Wardrobe Wednesday {Stylin’ Seniors}

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

I absolutely love photographing high school seniors! Erica of Erica May Photography has put together some AWESOME outfit ideas for all of you senior girls out there. Keep reading to see what she has to say!

“Lately, I have been lucky enough to photograph a ton of senior girls and with many more on my schedule next year the most common question I get is “what should I wear”? When it comes to senior sessions you really can’t go wrong with several different looks. This can really show all the different sides of your personality as well as give your photographer tons of options when it comes to posing. Make sure to check with your photographer for their specific outfit limit ahead of time that way you can plan out your different options well in advance. Can’t decide between two different shirts or dresses?? Bring them both! Your photographer will know what colors look best against the backdrop so it is worth getting their opinion. I actually love to have my clients’ text or e-mail me a picture of their outfits that way I can give advice and scout out some awesome spots that really compliment their clothing. Below I have put together four different looks that would be great for any senior session. Don’t forget to bring lots of accessories and layers!

Vintage Outfit: Vintage-inspired photo shoots are all the rage lately and with some many different options I can see why! My favorite vintage clothing store is Ruche. Their clothing is adorable and affordable. Make sure to check out their “look-book” for ideas on what to wear to your session as well! As you can see I added several accessories and layers that way you can have lots of different options for posing. AND it is a pocket dress (which I love right now!) which will give you several other poses as well!

Bohemian Outfit: The Bohemian style is going to be the hot thing this fall and I love all the textures and funky patterns! Add a headpiece or funky headband to a few of the pictures to mix up the look.

Urban Outfit: This electric urban outfit will give you a ton of options. Paired with the same jeans from the Bohemian outfit (changing just your top and accessories is so much easier than the whole outfit) and a cool leather jacket this outfit will be sure to show off your rebellious side;). I am loving the hat option and the funky jewelry!

Nature Outfit: Down here in Texas we love to take senior pictures in wildflowers, fields of weeds, and creeks so we love a good dress and boots. Of course, if you don’t live in Texas and you don’t want to invest in boots this can easily be worn barefoot or paired with some gladiator sandals. Anytime you are taking pictures in nature a bright color (like this turquoise dress) will really pop against the green and brown backdrop. Add a flower clip for a few pictures to mix it up.

I hope this has helped give you a few ideas for your senior session. The most important thing is to show off your personality and let your inner supermodel shine through! Have fun!”


Shopping Guide
Vintage Outfit:

Brazen Venture Pocket Print Dress
Ruche $35.99

Soaking in the Sun Espadrille Wedges
Ruche $36.99

Eocene Dangling Indie Earrings
Ruche $24.99

Zoey Bow Indie Hairpin by Petit Plume in Yellow

Cleopatra’s Way Bangles
Ruche $26.99

Mykonos Lace Cardigan
Ruche $42.99


Bohemian Outfit:

Crochet Overlay Top
Pink Ice $ 34.99
Finger Paint Cami
Pink Ice $ 22.99

Palomino Leather Headband Assorted Colors
Etsy $10.00

Three Button Destroyed Skinny Jean
Wet Seal $34.80

Urban Outfit:

Crinkle Leatherette Jacket
Wet Seal $36.50

Three Button Destroyed Skinny Jean
Wet Seal $34.80

Amber Cami
Wet Seal $6.50

Patent Leatherette Flat
Wet Seal $12.80

Diamond Dust Hoop Earring
Wet Seal $3.50

Braid & Buckle Fedora
Wet Seal $10.50

Braided Mesh Rhinestone Cuff
Wet Seal $12.50

Nature Outfit:

Olive & Oak Strapless Sweetheart Dress
Urban Outfitters $69.00

Justin Stampede Western Cowboy Boots
Sheplers $129.99

Gorgeous Brown Satin Flower with Gold and Crystal Brooch Center
Etsy – $15.95



Wardrobe Wednesday {Less is More}

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

I am all about color or props in photographs. Bright colorful patterns on children OR coordinating with bright and colorful props can be wonderful. But sometimes I like things toned down a tad. It may boil down to preference or a matter of taste, but sometimes…less is more. As a lifestyle portrait photographer, I tend not to use too many props. I like to focus on the soul and emotion/interaction between my clients, rather than force a situation. Which brings me to this week’s post: whether you are photographing a baby, child or family, sometimes it’s best to leave most of the props behind, tone down the clothing, and focus on the individuals instead.

Some of my most favorite sessions recently have been those where the individuals i’ve photographed were just being themselves. I recently had the privilege of photographing the SUPER talented Jean and Travis Smith and their GORGEOUS boys. Jean told me ahead of time the vision she had for her session. She wanted lots of warm evening light, and photos of her family just being together. She decided she’d like some images in a grassy area with everybody dressed and then some by the water with her boys shirtless. All of her boys wore khakis and were barefoot. Jean wore a neutral colored maxi dress. The result? Pure joy and delightful images. Her boys were naturally comfortable and more likely to relax around me as a result.


Pssst…let me tell you a little secret. Sometimes the little ones need their comfort items with them–blanket, stuffed animal, doll. And you know what? Capturing them with their “lovies” is PRICELSS and clients LOVE IT!

I photographed this beautiful little guy last year. His mom wanted some of him tastefully naked. I love the result with this adorable crocheted hat!

His bedroom had the perfect white room with just the right amount of light. We placed him in his crib and voila. With gorgeous blue eyes like that, who needs anything else?


Here’s another example. Just a few weekends ago, I went to a client’s home to do a photoshoot with her children. I told her with the heat, humidity and bugs, that her children would most likely be most comfortable in their own home. I was in heaven when I arrived to their large and open home FULL of natural light. The kids were naturally active, as one and three year olds are, but I was able to relax them and get natural expressions by letting them do the things they like to do. The little girl wanted to read and hang out in her bedroom, so we did just that. I brought along some inexpensive blocks for the baby to play with, and he was very happy! It’s amazing what a book and some blocks can do. Keep that in mind when using props. In this case, less was more! :)

And one last example. This little girl loves dress up, so I knew this beautiful flower wreath would work perfectly for her. I was able to focus on JUST her and add a little bit of color and whimsy.

These are just some subtle ways to have fun and focus on the inner soul and personality of your clients. The compilation I put together is very simple and easy. All of the clothing items are from the Gap (keeping in line with my usual “one stop shopping”!). I am picturing the Dad’s jeans rolled up and everybody barefoot. Of course this would have to be a session shot in a warm climate, so it’s perfect for summertime! The props do not go along with the outfits I put together. They are just some ideas to add something a little extra special to your photoshoots. Take some time to relax and relax your client’s by letting them play and just “be”. You might be surprised at the results!



Men’s Jeans–The Gap $59.95

Men’s Shirt–The Gap $39.95


Women’s Dress–The Gap $59.95


Boy’s Shirt–The Gap $12.99

Boy’s Shorts–The Gap $24.99


Girls Dress–The Gap $29.95

Props and Accorsories:

Crocheted Hat-Etsy–Modiste Bee

Blocks–Wal Mart $23.99

Orange Blossom Wreath-Bloom Design Studio- Etsy $20.00



Wardrobe Wednesday {Vintage Summer Inspiration}

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beautiful colors and awesome details of this Wardrobe Wednesday post by Rebecca of Rebecca Keeling Studios. I’ll let her explain where the inspiration came from!

“Recently I asked our Wardrobe Wednesday fans to give me some ideas about what they’d like to see in my upcoming post, and my question was answered with “vintage” and “retro” and “not costumey” and “family.”  I thought, well, that sounds right up my alley!  I am so in love with all things vintage and retro…and absolutely love all of the stylized sessions I am seeing lately…so I said to myself, why don’t we put them together?  When I have my pre-session consultations with clients, I always give them lots of ideas on props to bring to make their session unique and different.  I know this can seem a bit overwhelming to some clients, but I am here today to tell you, it is super easy!  It just takes a little bit of creativity and a bunch of Googling, and there you are!  Since we are obviously in the throws of summer, I wanted to do something with a summer-inspired theme, and what could be more “summer-y” than lemonade?  I started on Etsy and typed in “lemonade” and within about 30 minutes, I had found a dress for the little girl, a flag banner, cute little straws, and the cupcake decorating set.  The dress and straws I found first, so that set my color palette.  From there, I started imagining things that would look cute (and also be functional) for a family session.  Then I headed over to Google, and typed in “vintage soda”, “metal drink tub”, and “pink and green candy.”  It was really that easy!  In about an hour, I had found just about everything I needed for my stylized session.

Before every session, I always take some time to imagine different scenarios that I might want to try with my clients.  That way, I’m not stuck for ideas if they don’t magically pop into my head on site.  For this session, I imagined a field of green grass, maybe some little wildflowers (if we were lucky), a lovely tree to hang our flag banner, and my family sitting on a beautiful quilt, surrounded by all things pink, green, and yellow.  Cute little cupcakes (that you can bake yourself) topped with the items from the decorating set on a lovely plate…being eaten and enjoyed during the session…maybe even with a little icing fun!  Pink soda pop chilling in a bright green metal tub and kids eating candy from the Mason jars.  There are so many possibilities with this set up, I could just go on and on!”


The wardrobe was inspired by the little girl’s dress and the fact that I knew I wanted something a little bit vintage for Mom.  Luckily, I already knew about ModCloth and their fabulous vintage clothing, so I went there directly.  I already had my color palette from my props, and since my theme was lemonade-inspired, I quickly scanned through the dresses for something yellow.  After finding Mom’s dress, I picked a pop of color for her shoes, and a bit of a retro feel with the owl ring.  The boys were fairly easy; I just pulled colors from the outfits I had picked already!  Bare feet for kids during the summer is my absolute favorite, so we didn’t even have to stress over choosing shoes.  And that’s it!  A stylized session pulled together in a matter of hours.  You can do it too…it really is amazing what you can find on Etsy and Google!  The important thing is to have FUN and enjoy the process…and remember, there are no limits to your imagination. :)



Shopping List


Green Metal Beverage Tub | Pier 1 | $49.99
Hard Candy Watermelon Slices | Candy Warehouse | $6
Pink & Green Rock Candy Sticks | Groovy Candies | $1
Fufu Berry Jones Pure Cane Soda | Jones Soda | $18.99
Mason Jar | Ace Hardware | $9.49
Lemonade Stand Bunting | Etsy: Stitchin’netka | $35
Pink & Lime Cupcake Kit | Etsy: The Bakers Confections | $14.95
Lemonade Stand Paper Straws | Etsy: The Bakers Confections | $10

Men’s Mini-Check Patterned Shirt | Old Navy | $24.94
South Notch Shorts | Abercrombie & Fitch | $68
Men’s Classic Pique Polos | Old Navy | $12.50
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Slim | Piperlime | $60

Sunny Day’s Best Dress | ModCloth | $87.99
Owl Be Ring-ing You | ModCloth | $20.99
Keen on Kelly Wedge | ModCloth | $39.99

Raspberry Lemonade Ruffles Twirl Dress | Etsy: Reimagined Treasures | $60
Flower Headband | Gap | $11.95

Boys Striped Pique Polos | Old Navy | $7.50
Painter Roll Up Pants | Tea Collection | $29.50


Wardrobe Wednesday {Beach or water sessions}

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

This week’s post is appropriate for 2 reasons: 1. it’s the middle of summer 2. I am located in Southwest Florida and many of my family sessions take place near the water. Morgan of Morgan Dawson Photography did a fantastic job with this week’s theme!

“Today it’s about comfort, and realistic summer fashion.

When I was a kid, I was lucky enough to live in a place where I could literally swim every single day in the summer. My wardrobe consisted of bathing suit + something over it + flip-flops or sandals. Not a bad way to spend the summer, right? When I return to the lake, I pretty much go right back to my usual routine – and love every second of it.

This is how I spend my summer. This is how I’d want to remember the summer.

I decided to put together a family wardrobe that could be worn by – or even IN – the water. Be it a lake, pool, ocean — wherever! If it’s hot, no-one wants to stand and pose for photos on a warm, sunny day. Why fight it?

Document the way you really live this summer. Maybe you’re sitting by the edge of the pool playing with your kids. Maybe you’re walking along the beach or skipping stones in a lake. The best family portraits are the ones that capture how you truly spent your summers – not some invented scenario.

Now, don’t get me wrong. You may be able to grab the family and get some shots together, but if the kids get itchin’ for a jump in the water – go for it. My advice – don’t wear anything that can’t get wet…just in case someone gets pushed in:-)

Happy summer!


what to wear to a family photo shoot by the water




For mom, I went with a comfortable cover-up you could throw over any swimsuit. If you want, you can always put on a pair of leggings if you want to have your legs covered, or maybe a tank instead of a swimsuit. Don’t forget to add some earrings and maybe a bracelet. A hat should be on hand in case it’s windy – or you decide to go swimming mid-shoot:-)

Women’s Sleeveless Beach Cover-up – $11.99 Lands End Canvas

Playa Paisley Wide-Band Halter Top – $38.40 J.Crew

Pure Body Cropped Leggings – $29.95 Gap

Faceted Jewel Flip-Flops – $19.50 J.Crew



For dad I stuck with basic swim trunks, flip-flops and a breathable, moisture-wicking shirt.

Dri Duck Apex Polo – $28.99 Dicks Sporting Goods

Swim Board Shorts – $34.50 Lands End Canvas

Havaianas Mens Top Flip-Flop – $18.00 Piperlime


Little Girl:

For the little girl, I picked out an adorable swimsuit, glittery flip-flops and a matching sundress to throw over the suit if you’d like.

Star Ruffle One-Piece – $24.95 Gap Kids

Floral Crochet Dress – $29.99 Gap Kids

Jeweled Ribbon Headband – $7.95 Gap Kids

Giltter Flip-Flops – $8.85 Gap Kids


Little Boy:

The little boy has some casual vintage-inspired swim trunks, flip-flops and coordinating green shirt.

Boys’ Jitney-Stripe Board Short – $31.50 J.Crew Crew Cuts

Boys’ Jersey Polo – $16.99 J.Crew Crew Cuts

Boys’ Solid Cotton Flip-Flops – $14.50 J.Crew Crew Cuts

I hope this inspires you for your up and coming session. For more inspiration, please visit Wardrobe Wednesday on Facebook!

Wardrobe Wednesday {Summer Layer Love}

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Think it’s too hot for layering? NOPE! Lindsay of Lindsay Horn Photography shows you how to be layer savvy, even in the heat.  Enjoy!

“Summer can be a great time to update your family portraits, get senior portraits out of the way, or schedule something for the kiddos while they are out of school.  Of course, just because the timing is great for you, does not mean the weather will cooperate, especially if you live somewhere with brutal summers like we have here in Texas.  I have photographed many a session in 100+ degree weather, and there are some important things to keep in mind, both from a practical and fashionable point of view!

Don’t Lose the Layers
I know, the last thing you want to think about when it’s really hot out is layering, but there’s no reason you can’t keep some great layers and add depth and texture to your images AND stay cool.  Women have some wonderful options available right now – pick up a light vest, sleeveless shawl or crochet cardigan and pair it with a cute lace cami for a very stylish and breathable look.  Guys of all ages can add a button-up (either short-sleeve or long-sleeve with rolled arms) over a light cotton shirt.  Girls can add a crop jacket or sweater over a sleeveless shirt or dress.  The great thing about layers is that you can take them off!  Just make sure your lower layers are photo-appropriate as well, and you can have two different outfits with ease.  A word of warning … summer weather can lead people to show more skin then they may really intend to.  Keep in mind that these images will hang in your house year-round, so make sure you are completely comfortable with your wardrobe choices and how much of you they will be revealing! Ladies, if you choose to go with something sleeveless or strappy, pay attention to your choice of bra.  Bra straps can be very tedious to remove, and it may be something that your photographer charges extra for.


Staving Off the Sweat
Sweat is inevitable during the hot summer months, and some people are more prone to it then others.  Keep in mind how your wardrobe will hold up to sweat.  Choose breathable undergarments for starters, every little bit counts!  Stay away from fabrics that will easily show sweat lines.  While denim may not be the most comfortable when it’s hot, it’s hard to see sweat spots on jeans!  Patterns may do a better job hiding sweat then solids, and medium-dark solids tend to show sweat the worst.  Lighter colors or very dark colors may be a better choice for you if you are prone to sweat.  You’ll see our “be prepared” list below, but having towels or blotter paper on hand to touch up as you go are a must.  Ladies, you also might plan on a second “up” hairstyle that you can switch to during the session if necessary.

Ditch the Footwear

Summer is the perfect opportunity to go barefoot for your pictures!  Shoes can be such a tough addition to your wardrobe, especially for the guys.  Going barefoot means no distracting (or unmatching) shoes or worrying about dirty soles when you are sitting down.  It lends a great organic feel to your images that looks good in either natural or urban locations.  To top it off, feeling a cool breeze on those toes might help cool the rest of you down too!


Be Prepared
Your photographer may bring some items to your session to help you combat the heat, but you should be prepared just in case you are on your own.  Here’s a must-have list for staying comfortable and looking good for your summer session:


  • Bottled water to stay cool and hydrated
  • Towels and/or blotter paper for staying dry
  • Makeup for touch up so you can stay fresh and keep the oil at bay
  • Umbrella for shade in between shots
  • Bug spray, summer is prime-time for insect life

Another thing you can discuss with your photographer is the timing of your shoot.  Mid-afternoon is usually the hottest point of the day, so scheduling for first thing in the morning or closer to sunset may make everyone more comfortable, and the lighting is best at those times of day anyways.  Photographers, this list goes for you too!  Bring yourself (and your clients if you want bonus points) towels and water at least – you will be hard at work too and it’s important to stay as cool and well-hydrated as possible.

Don’t let the hot summer weather ruin your portrait session, just plan ahead and be prepared, and you’ll never know from your images how hot it really was!”


Denim Shirt (Green wash) | Gap $49.95
T-shirt | Gap $16.99

Brown Crochet Cardigan | Old Navy $26.50
Coral Lace Cami | Old Navy $12.50
Cream Sweater Vest | Old Navy $26.94
Green Lightweight Vest | Old Navy $26.94

Outfit #1 | Old Navy
Plaid Shirt – $16.94
Red T-Shirt – $6.00
Shorts – $13.00

Outfit #2 | Gap
Grey T-Shirt – $14.99
Blue Shirt – $17.99
Hat – $18.99

Outfit #1 | Gap
Grey Cardigan – $29.95
Pink Shirt – $24.95
Pants – $24.95

Outfit #2 | Gap
Crop Jacket – $19.99
Floral Dress – $28.99
Pants – $18.99


Wardrobe Wednesday {creating a color palette}

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Something different and new from Wardrobe Wednesday! Kelly of Kelly V Photography created this fabulous post about how to create a working color palette for your session…and it’s taken from a real-life client!  Simply AWESOME!

“When we first started Wardrobe Wednesday, I knew it would be a useful tool and an incredible visual database for those planning a portrait session, but I had no idea how much my clients would rave about it. I’m not exaggerating when I say ALL of my clients mention that they’ve checked out this series for tips in preparing for their closeup. It’s music to my ears because believe it or not, your photographer wants you to look good, too! Clothing definitely impacts the feel of a session, not to mention we want you to be comfortable and confident.

So when I was talking to one of my clients during her pre-session consultation recently, she mentioned that she had taken a few snapshots of the clothing she was considering for her kids and asked if I would take a look at them. Not only did I think that was a great idea, I loved it so much that I asked her if I could use them as examples. So here we go!

Here are the four photos that Eva sent me as options for her 4-year-old twins:


Option 1: Although I love both outfits individually, I think the patterns are too powerful and overwhelming when paired together. The navy shirt matches the waist and neck bands in the dress perfectly, but it just feels a little too plain.


Option 2: With the collar and buttons, this shirt is definitely a little more “dressy casual” and compliments the outfits better, but the color isn’t quite right, and we still have the problem with competing patterns.

Option 3: Love the dress in this picture, but the shade of the shirt doesn’t quite match the blue in the dress and they end up looking uncoordinated. Personally I adore boys in purple, so I might pair it with a matching purple polo if I could find one in the exact shade.

Option 4: Bingo! This is a perfect example of complimenting patterns. The shirt is dominant with the bold plaid, but the dress still holds its own without looking overpowered and plain. I also love that there’s a pop of turquoise on the neckline, giving a secondary color for mom to work with in her outfit. Add in some classic neutrals like khaki and denim and you’ve got your color palate!


Keeping this in mind, I started with khaki shorts for Eva’s son. I would’ve preferred them without cargo pockets, but I had trouble finding them, so I went with it.


I didn’t want Dad to be too matchy-matchy in identical khaki, so I suggested navy shorts for him. Paired with a light blue polo and neutral tan shoes, he looks put-together and well-coordinated. A white polo would also work perfectly.

Knowing I wanted to play with that pop of turquoise from the dress, I decided an accessory would be perfect for Mom. I chose a scarf in this case, but a chunky ring, bracelet or necklace would also work. I know the scarf competes a little with the top I chose, but I figured if arranged correctly, it would cover the flowers and the rest of the tank would act as a neutral. And the best part about scarves is that it can quickly create a different look without much effort by taking it off. Then you’re left with the pretty flower detail that also stands well on its own without being too plain.

Here’s the final look!


And, again, there are so many different ways to personalize this look as long as you stay in the color palate. Mom or Dad could substitute a white top. One of the girls could wear a turquoise headband. The boy could be in navy shorts and Dad could be in khaki … you get the idea.


But if you like the options I put together, here’s where to shop! (And Eva was kind enough to share her shopping destinations, too.)







Wardrobe Wednesday {let’s hear it for the boys}

Friday, June 17th, 2011

I really love this adorable post by Jenn at Minor Impressions Photography. It’s all about the boys. Be sure to scroll down and see the adorable photos of little (and big) guys in the cutest ties by Trendy Ties!

“Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, so there’s no better time for us to focus on all of the men (and boys) in our lives! When giving advice on wardrobe compilations, we usually start out by having the outfits revolve around the little gals or moms. So, when there’s not a female involved in the session, it can be difficult for the guys to plan what to wear.

It’s best to keep it simple and introduce just a couple of basic coordinating colors. An easy way to do this is with plaid shirts or shorts. Be sure not to involve too many different plaids, otherwise it becomes too busy. With button-up shirts, you can roll up the sleeves, and leave it untucked to have it on the casual side, or tuck it in and add some accessories to dress it up.


One of the simplest ways to add a little class to your outfit without putting too much effort is by including a tie.  Who can resist a bare-bellied baby with some adorable polka dots, a handsome father with his precious newborn son, or a young man dressed to impress? Just add a tie to the basics you already own, and people will think you spent hours putting the outfits together! A great place I’ve found to purchase these ties with style is Trendy Ties. Not only do they have modern neckties and bowties, but they can also create hair flowers and brooches for sister and mom. You can check them out on Facebook or Etsy! She just completed a crazy sale, so she’s taking a short vacation, but be sure to visit her starting June 20!





Boy’s Outfit




Dad’s Outfit
Straw Fedora

Teenager’s Outfit


Wardrobe Wednesday {nautical necessities}

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

I am just LOVING this post by Erica May Photography. I love navy, white and red for photos…especially in the summer!

“I have to admit I love summer and all the bright colors that go along with it! Summertime is great time to get outside with your family and have fun! Why not capture that sense of fun with a summer photo shoot? Maybe you have done fall sessions the last few years and your pictures are all starting to look the same, or maybe you want to get photos of your kids adorable bare feet, or maybe you just want to capture that summertime fun! Whatever the reason is, you need an awesome summer wardrobe to wear for your portraits. Nothing reminds me more of summer then a good nautical theme! You wouldn’t need to be near a beach to pull this look off either! The bright colors, stripes, and beautiful blues are sure to make for some fun and interesting portraits. When choosing this ensemble I chose the little girl’s dress first and then the boy’s outfit. Once you have the kid’s outfits picked out it is much easier to pull from those colors to pick outfits for mom and dad. I also decided to highlight a few fun props that might be fun to go along with it. Giving your family something to “do” for part of your photo shoot is always a great idea to capture those less posed moments that really let your kid’s personalities shine through! So get out there and have some fun with your family!”


Shopping List:


Girl’s Outfit:
Marina Drop-waist Dress   $49.00   Tea Collection
Salt-Water Original Sandals    $34.00  Tea Collection

Boy’s Outfit:
Striped half-zip hoodie     $24.95   The Gap
Convertible chambray pants   $26.95  The Gap
Red Bimini Youth Classics    $38   Toms

Mom’s Outfit:
Halter Maxi Bra Top Dress    $69.50    Victoria’s Secret

Dad’s Outfit:
Dobby shirt    $49.95   The Gap
Straight denim shorts (beige wash)   $54.95   The Gap



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